Chapter 49

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"Frankly, I don't see the point of this meeting Mr. Johnston," my father stands behind my chair in his work suit, glaring at my principal.

Quinn is sitting next to me with her mother, and across from us is Summer and her parents. Dad thought that it would be in my best interest if my mom stayed outside the office, so as not to further my punishment.

"Your daughter and her friends have been terrorizing my daughter!" Mr. Price argues, pointing a finger in our direction.

"I believe that Miss Darby's intentions for sending out Miss Price's criminal record were purely to protect the students. How am I supposed to let my daughter go to school with all her friends when I know that there is a criminal among them? Criminal records are public information for a reason," My father voice is stern as he stares at Mr. Price. Mrs. Price sits calmly in her chair in a complete daze as she scrolls through her phone.

"Those charges were expunged!" Mr. Price roars in outrage, causing Quinn and I (and even Summer) to startle in fright.

"At what cost?" My father fires back. "Bribing a judge is a federal crime Mr. Price in case you didn't know that," my father informs him condescendingly.

"My daughter has done nothing wrong," Mr. Price turns his nose in the air breaking eye contact with my dad.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't your daughter the one who sent the entire school a picture of my daughter in a towel, without consent?" My father tone is icy and I grin at the sight of Mr. Price shrinking in his seat. "I could easily sue your daughter for child pornography since Charlotte is still a minor. And, while we're still on the topic, didn't she also send out a picture not even a month later, to the entire school, again, of Miss Darby in an intimate embrace with another student? Did Summer have permission to post those pictures?" Damn he's good.

Mr. Price sits silently as he absorbs all the information I had given my dad over the last few days before this meeting today.

"Now, we could argue that she sent the picture of Quinn off school campus and Quinn sent the criminal record off campus as well, but the picture of my daughter in a towel was physically posted all over school, and you regretted to inform me or my wife of that incident, all we were told was that she was suspended for public indecency," my father turns his attention to Principal Johnston, and I see beads of sweat form on his forehead. That's right dickhead. "So, in fair sight I could take the Price Family and this school to court if I wanted to, but I don't. I want this matter resolved now, no exceptions."

"Very well Mr. Hayes, I propose detention for all three young ladies, for two weeks-," Principal Johnston starts but is quickly cut off.

"My daughter was already punished for her alleged wrong doings and if Miss Price is getting the same punishment for her on campus actions, then I will be contacting the Superintendent following this meeting," my father places his hands on the back of my chair again.

"How dare you-," Mr. Price bellows.

"And I will be following up with the judge that magically signed your daughter's expungement without legally holding a court session," my father looks pointedly at Mr. Price. The silence in the room is deadly.

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