Chapter 59

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"Good morning, everyone!" I hear an excited shout through my bedroom door. Multiple groans are heard from around the house.

"Shut up, Tessa!" I hear Sebastian groan from his room.

"It's such a beautiful day, isn't it, Sebastian? It's like eighty degrees today, in February, I think we should take advantage of it, don't you think?" She asks, stomping up and down the hallway, banging on what I assume is his bedroom door.

"Tessa, shut up before I throw up on you!" Olivia shouts painfully loud from next to me as we lie in bed. Our heads are on the same pillow and I can feel her hair on my face. Courtney makes an animalistic sound from the floor and I barely open an eye before she's throwing a pillow on the bed, hitting us in the face.

"Courtney," I groan and Olivia just takes the pillow and moves it under her head, sighing. My eyes feel heavy as I open them one at a time, adjusting to the light. My mouth is dry and crusty and my stomach lurches as I slowly sit up. I feel myself take breaks between each movement.

My feet are sore from wearing my sneakers for so long as I plant my feet on the floor, wincing. I stumble into the hallway to look for the culprit that is ruining our sleep. She stands in front of Sebastian's door with an evil grin on his face.

"Sebastian, can we go skating today? Or the beach, the beach sounds like a good idea, don't you think?" She yells at the door, pounding on it and I can hear whimpering on the other side. That poor sucker.

"Seb, shut her up!" I heard a few male voices groan in agreement with Cole, who I assume is in his room.

"Tess, it's eight am. We literally went to bed three hours ago, how are you even alive right now?" I mumble as I curl my arms into my chest, bending over slightly like an old woman.

"Good morning, dear sister of mine, how are you?" She smiles brightly.

"Hungover," I moan.

"Yeah, I gathered that," she snickers.

Sebastian opens the door with his Spiderman blanket, from when he was seven, wrapped around his body and over his head, "I will end you."

She reaches behind her and pulls out the blowhorn, that was shoved in her back pocket, from last night, "Will you though?" she asks with a raised eyebrow, her smirk the embodiment of evil.

His eyes are wide, showing off the dark circles under them, "You wouldn't dare."

"Try me," she states, resting a finger on the button.

"I'm so confused, Tess, why are you doing this?" I ask her, smoothing out my hair. I accidentally yank on a knot and I feel tears prick my eyes from the pain.

She looks over at me, "He," she points angrily at Sebastian, "threw up in my room last night." I give him a disgusted look as he tries to defend himself.

"I didn't mean to!" he says quickly.

She narrows her eyes at him, "You will pay for this," she whispers menacingly. He recoils in fear, genuinely scared for his life.

I raise my hand in the air, yawning loudly, "Can he pay for it when everyone else is out of range to be harmed? I didn't chunder in your room, I feel like that's unfair treatment for the rest of us," I say to her, my voice dry and raspy.

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