Chapter 60

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Two months until graduation...

"Children of all ages, I am home," my mother's voice sounds throughout the house. When she doesn't hear a reply from any of us, she shouts again, "And I bought food!" Immediately we all drop our pens and papers, rushing into the kitchen. "I knew that would work on you all," she smirks, putting all the food down on the counter. "Where's the birthday boy?" She asks looking at all of us, noticing Nathan's not with us.

"He's still in the other room, Biology is kicking his ass," Carter says from the counter.

She nods her head in understanding and I walk over to the bags on the counter, snooping through them.

"Chick-Fil-A? I love you," I tell her seriously.

"Best mom ever," Sebastian moans, stuffing the waffle fries into his mouth.

"That's what I like to hear," she nods her head at the compliments everyone is throwing her way. "How is the studying coming?"

"Studying sucks," Olivia tells her, digging around the bags for nuggets. Sebastian rolls his eyes at her comment and I look at him confused. What is his problem? Carter nods his head in agreement with Olivia as he munches on a burger.

"Well it's just one more month then two weeks of finals and then its prom and graduation, easy peasy," she grins, handing out drinks to everyone.

"Well, you'll still have Seb and I, mom," Sophie says with a grin, nudging her elbow into his ribs but Sebastian just scowls.

"Says the neurosurgeon," Courtney mumbles to what mom had said as she leans against the counter.

"Yeah, no offence Momma C, but you and Mr. H are nerds," Olivia replies, pulling the nuggets out victoriously. I grin and we stand next to each other taking turns dipping our nuggets in sauce.

"Hey, I was not a nerd in high school, I can tell you that much. Your father was the nerd in school, never wanted to go out and have fun, it's a wonder how we ended up together," my mom sighs in exasperation.

"But you went to separate high schools," Sophie points out, sipping her lemonade.

"I still knew him from parties and sports games," she shrugs and her eyes light up, "In my senior year, I went to his school and stole their mascot, and your dad was the sporty sweetheart who wouldn't hurt a fly," she sighs dreamily, "But then he saw me leading the goat out the back of the gym and he lost it! He chased me through the school parking lot for ten minutes but I had Aunt Jenna waiting in my car, so we could make a quick getaway," she sighs, "It was awesome."

"You are my hero, Momma C," Olivia declares, leaning her head on mom.

She grins and claps her hands, "Okay, back to studying, or no birthday movie night." We all grab some food and return to the dining room table, where we've all set up our study notes. Tessa walks into the room to grab some food but she immediately goes back upstairs to her room because she claims that she needs absolute silence when she studies. More like she needs silence to watch her Netflix shows.

Nathan is still sitting in his seat at the head of the table, working on his Biology notes. He's got a concentrated frown on his face as I sit down in my seat next to him and push a plate of food towards him, "Here, babe. Mom got us Chick-Fil-A." He looks up and smiles, leaning over to kiss my cheek quickly before going back to his notes, eating a couple of waffle fries.

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