Chapter 62

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"Mommy, I'm hungry," Mia tugs on Carly's sleeve. We're all sitting on the stands with the rest of the spectators, watching the boys get into their positions.

"Come sit by me Mia, I have cookies," Maddie smiles, pulling out a packet of mini Oreos from out of nowhere.

"Wh-what? I said I was hungry two minutes ago, and you had cookies this whole time?" Olivia demands, turning around to face Maddie with a look of betrayal on her face. Our team takes the field as Westview gets ready to bat.

"Because if I had said anything, you would have eaten them all," Maddie replies matter-of-factly and rips open the package, handing an Oreo to Mia.

"She's not wrong," Quinn points out, making everyone else laugh. Maddie grins and hands Quinn a cookie.

"Oh, come on, that wasn't funny enough to earn a cookie," Olivia argues back.

"It's not her fault that you're not funny, Olivia," Grandma Izzy tells her as she looks over the field, watching the first pitch.

Cole is tense as he stands on the pitchers mound and I can see him bouncing on his feet as the first batter stands on home plate in front of Nathan.

"I am hilarious, Abuela," Olivia says loudly, making Grandma Izzy death glare her for using the 'A' word.

They start bickering with each other but I try to block them out as I watch the first batter run to first base. A collective groan is heard through the stands and I see the Westview spectators cheering at the other end of the stands.

"Hey, did anyone notice that Zach is in the dugout?" I ask looking at the sulking player, kicking dirt around as he paces the space.

"That's because once you showed Nathan how good the juniors were, everyone realized that he's actually a pretty shit player," Olivia shrugs with a laugh.

"Swear jar!" Maddie perks up with a grin as she chews her cookies.

"Maddie, mouth closed when you're chewing," Mom reprimands from further behind us where she's sitting with dad and Nathan's parents.

The next batter hits the ball into the outfield and Lucas manages to catch it before it can bounce, getting him out. We cheer loudly and my dad whistles along with the cheers.

I look next to me and see that Sophie has been sitting quietly, staring in a daze. I nudge her softly, snapping her attention back to me, "Hey, you okay?"

She nods her head, but she still isn't fully concentrating, "Yeah, fine, just worried about the guys," she replies, resting her elbows on her knees, watching the field.

I wrap my arm around her shoulder and squeeze, "They'll be fine, they've already kicked Westview's butt at the party, remember?"

"Um, I believe we kicked their butts, if I'm not mistaking," Tessa leans forward, putting her head next to mine as she speaks, high fiving me.

"What party?" Mom asks with a raised eyebrow as our faces pale.

"Party, who said anything about a party?" I try to sound nonchalant but it comes out hysterical.

"You did," she crosses her arms over her chest.

I gulp and look at the girls for help, Olivia shrugs in a 'I got nothing' manner and I scowl at her.

"We went to a party at Freddie's house, you know the one who threw that Halloween Bash?" Tessa answers casually.

"Look, Chase is up to bat!" Courtney interrupts us and I breathe a sigh of relief when everyone looks forward to watch Chase bat.

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