Chapter 64

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"Fuck you, calculus!" Olivia shouts as we exit the classroom after our last exam. She throws her papers in the air as we walk down the hallway.

Seniors are scattering out of their calculus classrooms where we just wrote our final high school exam. The vibe in the hallway is unexplainable, relieved smiles and sad emotions are filling the hallway with each student that steps out of their classroom for the last time.

"We're graduating, bitches!" Courtney yells from across the hall as she struts up to us. Quinn walks up behind us with a frown on her face. Courtney brings us all in for a group hug and we laugh and jump around.

Quinn pulls away and looks at us, her lips pursed, "I think I got question six wrong," she says, lifting her hands up to bite her fingernail.

Courtney smacks her hand away from her mouth, "Don't you dare, no more worrying about high school," Courtney grins, holding onto Quinn's shoulders.

"Yeah, high school can suck it!" Olivia exclaims, high fiving Kate, a girl from my track team.

The rest of the seniors are running around the halls, cheering and hugging one another. Yearbooks are being passed around from student to student.

"Goodbye Mr. Porter, you will not be missed," Carter salutes our Calculus teacher as he walks out of the classroom.

"Ahh!" I squeal as someone picks me up from behind and spins me around before placing me back on my feet. I turn around in the persons arms and smile up at Nathan, "Hi."

His grin matches my own, "Hi," he whispers, leaning down to kiss my lips softly. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me, trying not to grin as I kiss him.

"Okay, break it up, we want to take a group picture," Courtney groans from next to Olivia.

"Yeah, at least share the love," Olivia laughs, puckering her lips. I look over at her with a flat expression but she just grins, kissing me on the cheek loudly.

"Oh gross!" I laugh, wiping her lipstick off my cheek.

"No more tests; no more annoying bitches- I'm talking to you Penelope!" Olivia yells out at Penelope down the hall. She returns the comments by flipping Olivia off as a few students laugh at the interaction.

"We still have Prom... and Graduation," Quinn points out, as we slowly walk over to the front doors.

"You're ruining my speech, Q," Olivia groans and literally kicks open the school doors. "Fuck you, High School!"

"That was your speech?" Quinn asks monotonously.

"And it was perfect," Courtney replies, high-fiving Olivia.

Nathan has his arm around me as we walk down the steps with our friends, some of his teammates joining us.

"Okay, so are we going to the beach or what?" Lucas asks as we start walking to our cars in the middle of the lot.

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