Bonus Chapter

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^^Every time I see this picture, it reminds me of Olivia and Sebastian

First Bonus Chapter! I felt that everyone deserved to start us off with our favorite couple(let's be honest here, they're our OTP) Enjoy!!

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After the Park Chapter 19

Olivia's POV

What the fuck? I sit in the passenger seat of Charlotte's car as we head home from the playground, my thoughts are jumbled as Zach's words run through my head. 'You might want to pay more attention to her and Sebastian's relationship.' What relationship?

I casually turn my head to Charlotte but I glance at Sebastian from the corner of my eye. He's looking out the window with an annoyed expression on his face because he was forced to sit in the middle seat between Tessa and Maddie.

His head snaps forward and he catches me staring at him but I don't look away. He raises an eyebrow with a confused smile when I don't say anything. I shake my head and look back towards the front. Charlotte glances at me for a second but I don't acknowledge it, keeping my eyes forward. Talk about awkward.

"Lottie, I need the toilet!" Maddie yells from the backseat in a panic.

"Well, can you hold it for two more minutes, we're nearly home?" Charlotte asks annoyed.

"But I need to go now," Maddie whines, moving around in her seat.

"Why didn't you say anything before we left the park?" Tessa asks.

"Because I didn't need to go then, I need to go now!"

"Ugh!" Charlotte groans, speeding up a bit.

"Uh-uh if you pee on me, I will throw you out the car," Sebastian threatens, moving closer to Tessa, squishing her to the window.

"Ow, jackass," Tessa mumbles, elbowing him in his side, trying to make him move.

We get back to the house and Charlotte guns it up the driveway, barely putting it in park as she opens the backdoor for Maddie to climb out of the car and then runs to the front door, unlocking it for her, following her inside.

"I got the bags!" I shout to Charlotte and she nods her head, disappearing inside. I shut the door behind me and turn to the trunk, watching Tessa grab the skateboards, heading inside. Sebastian is leaning against the back door, watching me.

"I mean, that was weird right, what Zach said?" Sebastian asks randomly as he scratches the back of his neck.

"Totally weird," I reply uncertainly. Totally weird? What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Because if I was trying to get with you, you'd be in love with me already," he replies cockily.

I raise an eyebrow at him, "A little overconfident, don't you think?"

"Yeah, that was bad, I'm sorry," he laughs, kicking the gravel under his sneakers. We stand next to each other silently, fidgeting. Trying to get away from the awkward tension, I move over to Charlotte's trunk and open it, grabbing our backpacks. "Do you wanna go out sometime?"

I stop short, my hand frozen halfway to closing the trunk. I lower the trunk and shut it before looking at him. He's staring at me. Shit, fuck I have never been this silent before. "Um..."

"I mean, it's cool if you don't want to, I just-Zach and everything-you, we could try something-I'm just going to shut up now," he stumbles over his words, turning away from me. He smacks his hand to his head calling himself an idiot under his breath.

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