Olivia Flashback "That was one time!"

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Olivia's POV

January 2018

"Chug, chug, chug!" The crowd of partygoers yell across the lawn as I stand in a line with five football players, shotgunning our beers.

A little of bit of beer dribbles down my neck and the warm metal from the opening that I had made at the bottom of the can bites into my lip, but I ignore it and drink as fast as I can, watching the other five boys out of the corner of my eye.

Once every last drop is gone I throw the beer can on the ground pulling a disgusted face, ignoring the cheers behind me. "Eughh, you couldn't have given me a cold beer at least?" I shout at the random kid that was the 'judge'. He shrugs indifferently, walking away from the crowd. "Idiot. Beer is so gross." I wipe my lips with my shirt sleeve, feeling the alcohol slowly hitting me.

"Ahh! You did it!" Charlotte screams, bumping into my side, squeezing me in a tight hug. "Look at them pouting," she gestures to what I am assuming is the football guys.

A loud burp interrupts my thoughts and by the way Courtney is staring at me, I guess that it had come from me. "You are disgusting."

I tilt my head, suddenly needing to lean some of my body weight on Charlotte, "Hey, you got your money, didn't you?"

She smirks in reply, holding up a bunch of bills, "Easiest hundred bucks I've ever made," she uses the bills to fan her face.

The girls chuckle and Charlotte wraps an arm around my shoulder, keeping me steady as we move through a throng of people. Freddie's house is trashed; there are cups everywhere and the whole house smells like burnt cookies.

A rumble in my stomach causes me to pause in the doorway leading to the living room where the makeshift dancefloor has been set up, along with a dj. I feel the alcohol sloshing around in my stomach and I grab the doorway for support. "You know what, I'm just going to go outside for some fresh air," I jerk my thumb in the direction of the front door and don't even wait to hear their response as I push through the crowd, craving the fresh air.

The door slams behind me as I take a step onto the front porch. The porch is covered in cups and trash, and there's a puddle of an unknown substance on the floor. There's only one other guy sitting on the porch rail, smoking a cigarette. He gives me a subtle head nod and I use that as my que to sit on the porch chair, taking deep breaths.

"Rough night?" he mumbles with the cigarette between his lips, glancing at me for a few seconds before looking at the ground.

"Fuck yeah," I groan, leaning my head back trying not to think of chundering everywhere.

"I'm Ren," he offers up, blowing a cloud of smoke into the night sky.


"Yeah I know who you are. You're the girl who sucker-punched Willow Ferreira in the face in sixth grade," he smirks, tapping his cigarette towards the ground, letting the ashes float off.

"Ah, my reputation proceeds me," I gloat, feeling a cool breeze hit my skin. I doesn't say anything after that and we just kind of sit in silence for a few minutes. Fuck, I am starving. I slap my legs as I move to stand up.

My foot catches on the leg of the chair and my body gets thrown forward and my brain doesn't even process anything until it's too late and Ren goes falling backwards off the porch and into the bushes at the front of the house. Everything is quiet for a few seconds as I tiptoe towards the railing that was recently occupied by Ren.

Shit, fuck.

I keep my ears tuned to the sound of a groan or moan- or even a cough from him but all I hear is the party still going on inside. "Ran-Ren?" Silence. "Crap... Ren, you good down there?" My palms are clutching onto the railing so tightly that my knuckles are slowly turning white. But on the bright side I feel a lot more sober now.

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