Chapter 42

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"This was your genius idea? What the fuck is wrong with you?" I ask Olivia as we sit outside of a retirement home thirty minutes out of town.

"I need advice from one of the greatest minds if we're going to pull this off, okay?" she replies with determination in her voice.

"May I remind you that she threw her hairdryer at us last time because you pissed her off?" I ask a little scared of what's going to happen this time round.

"She's a bad bitch, what can I say?" she smirks getting out of my car, heading towards the entrance.

I sigh deeply, getting out of the car and following her, saying a little prayer in my head. Lord, give me strength.

Olivia is standing at the front desk, laughing with the receptionist. "Isabella Rosa, please."

"She's in the rec room, you can go on back," the receptionist points her thumb in the direction of the room.

We walk in, scanning the room for Olivia's grandmother, spotting her at the makeshift poker table in the back corner.

"Izzy, you look gorgeous! What are you now, 102?" Olivia asks loudly, swerving through the rest of the old people scattered around the room.

"Keep it up, you little shit and next time I will actually hit you with my hairdryer," Isabella remarks calmly with a thick Spanish accent, glaring at her granddaughter. Olivia laughs and reaches down to hug her tightly.

"Izzy, you remember Charlotte, right?" Olivia points at me and Isabella's eyes dart to me, and I freeze up.

"Of course, sorry for hitting you with the hairdryer last time," she apologizes, nodding her head in my direction.

I rub my arm, flashing back to where the hairdryer had hit me, waving her off, "All good, shit happens," I shrug.

"Now, why are you two here?" She cuts straight to the point.

Olivia sits down at the poker table, (who the hell puts a poker table in a retirement home?) and let's the old man dealing cards, deal her in. I stand behind her, looking at her cards quietly.

"I need to get rid of a girl," she replies vaguely.

"Have you tried rat poison? It works 84% of the time," her grandmother shrugs, placing some chips forward.

"We're not looking to kill her, just take her down a couple notches," Olivia replies, placing all of her chips in the middle. That's a little bit of a ballsy move since she has shit cards.

"Is this some high school bullshit?" Isabella asks bored.

"We think she's planning something bad to do to Charlotte, so we just want to be prepared."

"Blackmail always works wonders when it comes to teenage girls. And if it doesn't, a crowbar can have the same effect," Isabella places her cards down and the entire table groans loudly, watching her pull the chips and other random items towards her. Are those dentures?

"How are we supposed to find said blackmail?" Olivia asks quietly.

"I may have someone who can help you, he's some hacket or whatever you call those kids on the computers," she replies ominously, glaring at the man sitting across from her for stealing one of the cookies from her winnings.

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