Chapter 61

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I'm tense as I stand next to Nathan, squeezing his hand tightly as we stand on my driveway, waiting. It's the day of their baseball game against Westview and the boys had to leave within the ten minutes to get ready. My parents have organized a barbeque at our house for after the game, win or lose, and one of our guests were on their way.

"Ow, babe, calm down, it's not that bad," he chuckles under his breath and I give him an incredulous look in return.

"Not that bad? Have you met her?" I ask rhetorically, knowing he's never had the pleasure of meeting her.

"Oh, come on, she's an old lady," he laughs with Sebastian. Olivia is smirking, bouncing from side to side in excitement. Courtney and Quinn look like they're going to throw up any second. At least they get it.

"You don't understand, she's related to Olivia. Think of Olivia as an old lady, just one hundred times worse," I shudder in fear.

At that moment, a car pulls up the driveway and I want to run inside and lock myself in the bathroom.

"Izzy, you old bat, how are you?" Olivia shouts as she pulls open the passenger door of her dad's car. Something flies out of the car and I squeak, ducking behind Nathan to avoid injury. I look over my shoulder and realize it was a shoe. That was a close one.

"Call me a bat again, and you'll regret it, you little shit," Grandma Izzy threatens as she slowly climbs out of the car. "You, Charlie" she points at me and my eyes widen in fear, "grab that shoe so I can hit her with it," she points at Olivia.

My mother steps off the front step and walks up to Grandma Izzy, "Izzy, it's so lovely to see you again," my mother says cheerfully. Dad had taken Maddie to the movies in the hopes of keeping her away from Grandma Izzy and her foul mouth for as long as they could.

"Clara, you've aged," Grandma Izzy replies nonchalantly.

"Like fine wine, Izzy, you on the other hand, have aged like milk," my mother smiles brightly and hugs Izzy, who pats her cheek softly with a smile.

Olivia's dad walks around the front of the car and hands a cane to Grandma Izzy, who snatches it grumpily.

"A cane? You're conforming to the old people now, Izzy? Who even are you?" Olivia asks in shock.

Grandma Izzy leans forward and smack Olivia's foot with her cane. I wince at the thought of how much pain that must have caused.

"Ow, Izzy!" Olivia scolds her with a laugh.

"You deserved it," Grandma Izzy raises her chin, challenging Olivia to say something else.

I hear an audible gulp and look over at Sebastian and Nathan, who had been laughing at my terrified state not five minutes ago, now standing still with nervous looks on their face.

"Now, why am I forced to come here on my one day of freedom?" She asks rudely as she slowly walks up the front steps and into the house.

"Because we're going to watch the boys' baseball game. It's a big one, they're playing against their rival school," Olivia's father, Johnathan, replies, patting Sebastian on the shoulder.

"Am I supposed to give a fuck about baseball?" Grandma Izzy asks with an eyebrow raised. Sebastian shrinks back away from her.

Tessa walks up to her with a huge grin and bows her head subtly, "Izzy, it is an honor to finally meet you," Tessa says with an awed expression.

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