Chapter 22

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"I don't think we should close the door all the way, I just think we need a break from each other until we've worked on ourselves more." Chases' voice plays in my head over again.

I had called him the next day after our fight two weeks ago, and we had both agreed that our relationship was going to turn toxic if all we ever did was argue and ignore each other instead of trying to work it out. I know I should be upset but there's a piece of me that feels a little relieved that I don't have to worry about who I hang out with anymore or what I say around Chase to not get him angry. There was still a piece of me that wished it would have worked out, since we were still getting to know one another. Look at that, I can't even hold a relationship for more than two months, go me.

I walk out of my French class twenty minutes after the bell had rung due to my teacher keeping me back so that I could go over the paragraph that I had written last week and head to the side doors that lead over to the baseball field, where Sebastian should be practicing with the rest of the team. I walk outside and put my sunglasses on, shielding my eyes from the sun. I walk along the path nodding to some of my fellow classmates. The boys are all standing around throwing the baseball to each other, but there is no sign of Coach anywhere.

"Hey Char!" Sebastian shouts from where he's standing around the circle.

"Hello, sorry I didn't catch you when the bell rang, Miss Dubois asked me to hang back for a bit," I say slowly walking over to him. He throws the ball in my direction and I catch it with one hand, the rest of the boys' stare at me for a few moments. My hand burns from catching the ball with no glove but I play it off like it was nothing. I swing my arm back over my head and launch the ball in his direction with almost perfect aim. Three years and I still got it.

"You can play?" Nathan asks appearing next to me out of nowhere.

I shrug, "I used to, softball though."

"You want to play a game with us?" Lucas asks stepping over towards us.

"Dude, if we do, I want Charlotte on my team, she kicks ass!" Cole exclaims no doubt remembering how I helped train him and Sebastian all summer this year.

"Okay how about we pick teams then? I'll be leader of one and Char can be leader of the other?" Nathan asks looking at the rest of his team in confirmation. Most of them nod their heads and some just shrug not really interested.

"I haven't even said yes to playing yet," I chuckle nervously, "What about Coach, won't he get pissed that a girl is playing?"

"He had to run off, something about a family emergency, I was supposed to run practice today, but I was just being lazy," Nathan smiles sheepishly.

"Oh, okay, I'll do it, you're on," I grin at him. Bring it.

All the boys gather around us, waiting for Nathan and I to pick players.

"Okay I choose Zach," Nathan starts the picking.

"Hey, what happened to ladies first?" I ask in mock offence.

"It's 2018, deal with it," Nathan smirks.

"I guess chivalry is dead then, no matter, I didn't want Zach on my team anyway," Zach scoffs in disbelief as I shrug nonchalantly turning my nose up slightly. "I pick Seb." He walks over to me offering me his hand for a high five.

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