Chapter 50

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On Sunday, the siblings and I decide to go to the park for a bit, just to spend some time together. Sebastian and Tessa are trying to teach Maddie how to skateboard and she looks adorable with all the safety gear on and her determined facial expression. Sophie and I are sitting on the field, next to them since my knee is still bothering me lately.

"So, what was the deal with you and Cole the other day?" I ask her casually, thinking of how civil they were with each other.

She looks over at me with a smile, "Nothing, we talked at the New Year's Party and just cleared the air between us," she shrugs.

"Where was Aidan when you were talking to him?" I ask knowing how protective he is over her, and jealous too.

"He was standing across the room," she laughs. "He knew all about Cole and I, and I just said to him that I needed closure and he was going to have to respect me going over to talk to him."

"You go girl," I fist bump her, chuckling.

"And what about you? How are you doing?" She asks quietly.

"I'm fine," I smile at her, trying to prove my point.

"Have you spoken to him since New Year's?" My smile drops at the thought of talking about it.

"Nope, there's nothing to talk about," I reply simply.

"Char, you need closure," she tells me, placing her hand over mine. I sigh for what feels like the thousandth time this week and look at her.

"Soph, I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to give him the chance to manipulate me into forgiving him."

"Nathan is not like that and you know it," she holds my gaze fiercely. "He called me the other day."

"He called you? Is there anyone that he didn't call?" I ask exasperated.

"I really think you should hear him out," she responds.

"You're supposed to be on my side," my voice comes out angrier than I expected.

She grabs my arm again, "I am, you know I am. But you didn't give him a chance to say anything when you were cussing him out in front of everyone at the party."

"He didn't deny anything I said!" I tell her, throwing my arms in the air.

"He was probably to shit scared to say anything at that moment." She stands up and brushes her jeans off, "Just think about it, okay? I'm on your side, sis, so whatever you decide, I will be there to support you." She leaves me to my thoughts and jogs over to the others picking up her skateboard.

I watch them silently, annoyed. He doesn't deserve my forgiveness, I don't need to listen to another word from his mouth.

"Is this seat taken?" I hear a voice next to me.

I look up at the sky, "Why are you testing me, Lord?" The person chuckles quietly and sits down. "Can I help you?"

"I heard about the picture," he trails off slowly.

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