Chapter 17

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The next week at school passes by quickly, with nothing interesting happening. Unless you count Sebastian being extra nice to Sophie, who is still a little cautious around him. I had failed my French quiz on Tuesday but got an A on my English essay. Sophie and Aidan seemed to be getting a lot closer over the past week too, which was a positive for all of us. No Sebastian having his little temper tantrums and they were back on slow speaking terms.

"Char!" I look over my shoulder and see Sebastian running towards me trying to get through the crowd of students.

"What's up?" I ask shoving my books into my backpack, closing the locker.

"Some of the guys are coming over after school, so I'm going to catch a ride with them," he points over his shoulder, Cole, Zach and Nate.

"Um, okay, whatever," I shrug my backpack on, "See you at the house." We fist bump before parting ways.

I meet Olivia at my car, clicking the alarm for her to get in. I climb into the car and turn on the engine, prompting Olivia to start fiddling with the Bluetooth connecting her phone for the music.

"So, what are we doing this afternoon? I know you said something about Maddie and the park," Olivia asks as she switches Happiness by NeedToBreathe, which is our favorite song right now.

"Maddie wanted to go to that new playground down on Hill Street, they have a skate park there too so Tessa said she wants to come with some of her soccer friends. We'll take Tessa with us and her friends will meet her there," I fill her in, looking out the window for Tess and Sophie. Sophie wonders away from her friends slowly heading towards the car as I see Tessa sprinting across the lot dodging cars to get to mine.

"Hey," Sophie slides into the backseat leaving the door open for Tess. Tessa slides in a few seconds later slamming the door shut.

"So, skate park?" Tessa asks leaning in between the front seats.

"Yup, just need to pick up Maddie and the skateboards at the house. Soph you want to come with?" I ask looking in my rearview mirror as I join the afterschool traffic.

Sophie laughs lightly, "No thanks, I'm good."

"So, how is Aidan?" Olivia turns in her seat and smirks at Sophie who immediately starts blushing facing the window.

"He's fine," she shrugs disinterested.

"Damn right he is," Olivia cackles nudging Sophie's leg, "Come on girl, give us some details! Do you think it's going to go anywhere?"

"Why are you so obsessed with my relationship?" Sophie asks suspiciously.

"Because I set the whole damn thing up, I need to take credit where credit is due!" Olivia exclaims, I roll my eyes. Tessa laughs shoving random pieces of paper that had gotten loose from her folder back into her bag.

"I'm pretty sure it was a group effort, all you did was talk to Aidan," I raise my eyebrow silently demanding my own credit for this relationship.

"And did that or did that not set the whole thing in motion?" She asks expectedly.

"I'm the one that told you to talk to him!" I retort in disbelief.

"God not everything is about you Charlotte, geez," Olivia rolls her eyes leaning back in her seat putting her hand behind her so that Tessa, who ,at this point, cannot contain her laughter anymore, can give her a high five.

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