Chapter 40

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"Happy Thanksgiving!" Olivia shouts through the phone and I see her smiling face.

"Hey! What are you doing awake? It's like..." I look over at the clock on my Grandmothers wall, 9:00am, "6:00am by you, since when do you not take advantage of sleeping in?"

"Is it so wrong to want to get up early and be productive every once in a while?" She asks, brushing her wet hair.

"Your dad threw water on you again, didn't he?" I ask with a smirk and she scowls back.

"I hate him," she replies, rolling her eyes.

"No, you don't," I smile, looking up at Sophie scuttling into the living room with baby Joshua in her arms.

"He only woke me up twice! He knows the rules, you only pour water on me if I don't wake up after the third time!" she yells, turning her face to her bedroom door, probably hoping he would hear her.

I laugh loudly and Sophie snickers from the couch, baby Joshua just stares at her with a confused face.

"I heard that laugh! Is that your brother, because I will murder him for laughing?" she threatens pointing her finger at me.

I flip the camera so she can see Sophie, "Chill out, it was just Soph."

Olivia squeals, "Is that baby Joshy? He's gotten so big!" she coos, not realizing that I only flipped the camera so she's still facing me.

"You're still facing me dumbass," I snort, flipping the camera back to me.

"Charlotte Ann Hayes, was that a cuss word?" I hear my Grandmothers voice from the kitchen, where all the women are, prepping for dinner tonight.

"No?" I answer hesitantly.

"If I hear it again, you'll be cutting up potatoes for the rest of the day with your brother!"

"Rest of the day? Grandma, come on!" I hear Sebastian whine from the kitchen, Olivia has a fond smile on her face as she tries not to laugh.

"That's what you get for cussing in front of Abigail," my Grandmother admonishes him.

"She's eleven! It's not like she hasn't heard the word before! Have you met your daughter?" He asks sarcastically. Not even five seconds later I hear him yelp in pain, courtesy of Aunt Jenna.

"Thank God I'm not there, Grandma sounds vicious today," Olivia laughs lightly.

"Yeah, Grandpa Joe decided to put salt in the sugar cup, and she made us all pancakes with that salt, so she's been pissed all morning," I reply with a shrug, smiling at my Grandfathers practical jokes.

"High five for Grandpa Joe!" Olivia laughs. Every time we see my Grandparents, Olivia and Grandpa Joe always seem to get in trouble together.

"Is that Liv?" Sebastian asks stepping into the living room, wearing an apron, and holding a potato peeler.

I flip my phone so they can see each other, "How sexy does your boyfriend look?" I ask sarcastically, laughing at him.

He strikes a pose, sauntering over to the phone like he's doing a catwalk, Olivia shouting, "Work it, baby!" in the background.

Sophie is covering Joshua's eyes, falling back on the couch, clutching her stomach in laughter. I hand him the phone and walk over to Sophie, grabbing Joshua off her lap, giving him a big cuddle.

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