Chapter 59.5

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So I wasn't initially going to say what happened to Sebastian, but some of you were so excited, I just had to!


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The next morning I'm sitting with my legs outstretched, in the hallway outside my room with Tessa sitting across from me, eating a bag of chips. We both have our eyes trained on Sebastian's door, waiting in anticipation. We're still in our pajamas as we pass the bag of chips back and forth when one of the bedroom doors open. We sit up in excitement and immediately slouch as Sophie shuffles out of her room with major bedhead.

She stops short when she sees us sitting there, "What are you two doing?" she asks curiously.

"Waiting for Sebastian to get up," Tessa mumbles through a mouthful of chips. She holds out the bag to Sophie, "Want some?"

She shrugs and sits down next to Tessa, "So, what did you do?" She asks stuffing a couple of chips into her mouth.

"Payback for chundering on my carpet," Tessa replies nonchalantly.

"And the camera?" she gestures to the handheld tripod Tessa had set up next to us, with her camera attached so that we'll 'have this family memento forever' as she had put it.

"Insurance," Tessa smirks handing the chips to me.

"You mean blackmail?" I ask with a laugh.

"Same thing," she waves her hand dismissively.

We hear a creek coming from the opposite side of the hallway, near the staircase and watch as Maddie tiptoes up the stairs and crawls over to us with a bag in her hand. "You didn't have to crawl, Munchkin," I chuckle, taking the bag from her.

She leans over and whispers, "I got the goods, Harry didn't see a thing," she tries to wink but blinks both eyes instead.

"You got the seven-year-old involved?" Sophie asks in disbelief.

"We promised her some good swear jar moments," Tessa shrugs, grabbing the bag from me and she opens it revealing a bag of cookies, "Good work, Munchkin," Tessa salutes her and hands out the cookies for each of us.

"Cookies for breakfast? Can mom and dad go away more often?" Maddie asks with a grin, cookie crumbs all over her face.

A few minutes later we here a thump from Sebastians room, and we startle, looking at each other. It's time. I lean over and click the record button, grinning. He opens his door and shuffles across the hall straight into the bathroom, not even seeing us yet, and keeping his head bent down so we can't see his face, but I can see black and red on his face. Maddie giggles loudly and we shush her quickly. We lean back against the walls waiting for the moment that he notices-.

"TESSA!" We hear a yell before the bathroom door is swung open so fast that when it slams against the wall, we jump in fright. He storms into the hallway with the intention of going directly to her room but stops when he sees us on the floor. "You bitch!" Oh, shit.

Maddie's eyes widen as she holds up one finger to help her keep track for the swear jar. She screams when she gets a look at his face.

"Well, don't you look dashing, big brother. Going somewhere fancy?" Tessa asks with a smirk, leaning casually against the wall.

I can't help the horrified giggle that comes out of my mouth and Sophie is already lying on the floor, trying to catch her breath. His whole face has been horribly colored with red and black marker to look like Darth Maul from Star Wars. (a/n pic at the bottom!)

"You couldn't have just drawn a fake mustache or some shit," Maddie holds up another finger, "but the whole fucking face?" three fingers now.

"I told you, that you would pay for what you did," she gets to her feet, "and now you have, you're welcome," she finishes with a grin.

"Oh, you are going to get it," Sebastian threatens, pointing a finger at her, menacingly.

"Get what, a cookie?" She asks sarcastically taking a bite out of a cookie, smirking, "Too late."

If this was a cartoon, steam would be coming out of Sebastian's ears as he lunges for Tessa. She quickly jumps out of the way and runs down the stairs, Sebastian on her tail.

"Char, get the camera, YouTube will love this!" Tessa shouts over her shoulder as she jumps over the last few steps making a break for the backdoor leading to the patio.

I scramble onto my feet grabbing the tripod and running after them, down the stairs.

Maddie follows behind me, "Don't run so fast, I can't hear the bad words!" Maddie shouts at them as she descends the stairs as quickly as she can.

We run into the kitchen and see Harry cooking breakfast with just his flannel pajama pants on. Tessa is standing next to Harry and Sebastian is on the other side of the island, closer to us, with a murderous look on his face. Sophie stumbles into the kitchen and stands by the fridge.

"Harry, turn around, look at his face, it's hilarious," Tessa laughs, not even winded.

Harry grumbles something about burning bacon as he turns to look at Sebastian. His eyes widen when he sees Sebastian and he bursts out laughing, "Dude, you look just like him!"

"Shut up, asshole!" Sebastian hisses at Harry, who high fives Tessa. I look over at Maddie who holds up four fingers proudly.

"You, are my hero, Tessy," Harry chuckles and turns back to the food. "Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes, and we're leaving at noon to get mom and dad from the airport, okay?"

"I am not going to the airport, are you kidding me?" Sebastian gestures to his face.

"Just go wash it off, man," Harry waves a hand at him.

"It's Sharpie, Harold," Sebastian replies, angrily.

Harry drops the spatula and turns back around, looking at Tessa, "No, shit," he says in disbelief.

"Five!" Maddie yells out, throwing her hands in the air in victory.

Sebastian turns to Tessa, "You did this," he whispers with a glare.

"And what a damn good job I did too, huh?" she teases with a grin. She looks over at me, "If I don't go viral, I'm going to be pissed," she winks at the camera and I laugh in response.

"You're going to be dead by the time I'm done with you," Sebastian threatens running after her as she bolts for the patio.

I hand the camera over to Maddie, telling her not to break it as she sprints after them, watching from the patio stairs as Sebastian chases Tessa around the yard.

"Don't you just love Saturday morning breakfast?" Sophie chuckles, helping Harry butter the toast.


These siblings kill me! What's your Favorite family moment in the story??

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Obviously not the horns, ears or on the whole head, just his face!

Obviously not the horns, ears or on the whole head, just his face!

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