Chapter 7

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"I want you to do laps around this house until you puke," a voice boomed from outside. Multiple groans followed that sentence.

"Uh coach, what if I just puke now, does that mean I get to skip the warm up altogether?" A voice asks causing loud laughter to come through my open bedroom windows and hit me in the face. I let out a loud groan and lift my head from underneath my pillow. I can feel the dried drool on the side of my mouth and don't even think about the birds nest I call my morning hair as I stumble towards my window, trying not to trip over the girls as I do.

I rip open the curtains and I am slightly blinded by the sunlight. I look at the spacious back yard and notice a whole team of baseball players standing in a circle around our gym teacher and my father. What?

"Well Blackwood, then you can do twice the amount of running," Mr Miller the coach and my gym teacher tells Zach with what looks like a smirk on his face.

"Oh, c'mon coach, you know that won't tire me out," Zach says with that 'I'm better than everyone else' smirk.

I hear rustling behind me and a yelp followed by a loud thud shortly after. I turn around and see Liv wrapped up in the sheets with her body lying across Quinn and Court who are groaning and hitting Olivia to try and get her off them. After what seems like an exaggerated amount of time she stands back up and continues her march across the room ending up right next to me with a scowl on her face. Not exactly a delight in the morning as you can see.

"Could you shut up some people are trying to sleep in this household!" Olivia shouts from the open window.

"Yeah like us Liv, so could you shut up?" Courtney mumbles from the floor where she wraps the blanket over her face hoping to block out the noises.

"Olivia Grace is that the tone we use when asking for something?" My father asks loudly from the yard.

"It was more of a statement Mister H, but I hear you!" Liv shouted back just as a pillow hit her in the back of the head before falling out the window and onto the grass below. I turned around and gaped at Courtney who now sat wide eyed staring at the window where the pillow went. I could hear laughter coming from outside.

"Are you kidding me?" I looked at Courtney with a glare. She smiled sheepishly at me with a slight shrug. Quinn is still rolling over trying to wake herself up.

I look back out the window and realized during my glare session that I've missed a whole conversation.

"Oh, yeah Blackwood? Why don't you come say that to my face!" Olivia shifts away from the window and heads out my bedroom door slamming it in response to whatever Zach just said. My father gives me one look and I immediately start chasing after Liv before she kills Zach.

I rush out the back-sliding doors and notice Olivia already standing as close as she can to Zach with my father in between them.

"Nice tank top Liv, a little cold this morning?" Kyle, one of the juniors asks which results in a few snickers from the boys.

Olivia looks at him with a bored look on her face, "You are proof that evolution can go in reverse."

Everyone bursts out in laughter at the comeback Olivia just casually threw at him. Even my father has that 'I'm trying not to laugh on the inside but what you said was really funny' look on his face.

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