Chapter 15

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The next morning I wake up and head straight to Sophie's room. I knock on her door before pushing I open and walking in. She's sitting up in bed with a smile on her face while she types on her phone. I smirk before running up to her and diving onto her bed. She flails her arms a bit and tries to balance herself out.

"Char don't do that!" she groans with a laugh trying to push me off her bed.

"But it's so much fun," I groan mockingly and push myself up so I'm sitting next to her. "So, who are you texting?"

"No one you need to concern yourself with," she blushes hiding her phone away.

"So, Aidan then, that explains the smile," I grin and poke her sides, she swats at me trying to stop the tickle.

"Shut up," she mumbles.

"Soph I'm happy for you, you looked like you had fun last night," I shrug with a smile.

"Oh, don't even get me started on how weird it was that you girls were watching our every move in that place," she laughs.

"That was Liv, she was like obsessed with you two," I tell her while laughing at all the stalking Olivia did.

"Yeah, well don't ever let it happen again," her laugh slowly dies down, she fidgets lightly before looking at me, "I heard about what happened with Seb last night, you didn't have to pick sides, he would have gotten over it eventually."

"That's the part that I don't like, 'eventually', it is not okay for him to still hold a grudge against you and Cole gets a smack on the wrist, it's not okay, and I am sick of just brushing it off, he needed to get off his high horse," I say looking at her.

I get up from the bed and pull her up too as we slowly walk downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning dad," I walk up to him and plant a kiss on his cheek and he flips the last pancake, "Sleep well?" I ask grabbing a plate and sit at the breakfast bar. Sophie stands at the fridge door grabbing the bottle of orange juice and getting a few glasses for us.

"I did, can't say the same about your mother though, she had an emergency at the hospital last night, she only got back around 3am," dad yawns turning off the stove and bringing the plate of pancakes over.

"Ugh that sucks," I grumble grabbing a couple of pancakes off the plate. "Should we make her a plate or something? We could bring it to her?" Sophie nods her head agreeing with my idea.

"I'm already one step ahead of you," he smiles as he picks up a tray that I had not seen with pancakes, coffee and cut up fruit on it. Aw, my dad is adorable.

"Oh, don't forget this," Sophie grabs a magazine off the island and puts it on the tray carefully, "Mom loves reading mindless gossip in the morning."

"What would I do without you girls?" he asks as he walks to the stairs leading to their room.

"I have no idea, but once you know, let us know," I laugh.

Sophie sits next to me and hands over the orange juice while I pass her the syrup for her pancakes. We are halfway through our breakfast when we hear little feet running through the house towards the television room. Maddie does this every weekend morning, she always assumes if she runs fast enough through the house that she can get to the television before any of us notice her so that she doesn't have to eat before cartoons. It doesn't usually work.

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