Chapter 46

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I pull away from Nathan breathless, "I have to go."

He pulls me closer and kisses me again, mumbling against my lips, "No, you don't." I giggle, trying to sit back up but he traps me with his arms.

"Your parents could be home any second," I warn halfheartedly trying to stop his lips from brushing my neck.

"I don't care, we were doing homework and lost track of time," he comments and I can practically see the smirk against my neck. I shove him gently.

"I do, and besides my family is flying in today and I have to be there to say hello, we're going out for dinner before they check into their hotels," I remind him, looking over at the clock on the wall above the television. The last few minutes of a movie we were supposed to be watching while doing our homework, plays in front of us as we lie on the couch together.

"But you've only been here for ten minutes, and I haven't even finished my homework yet, you were distracting me," he pouts leaning up on his elbows, staring down at me.

"Try adding seventy minutes to that ten, and I am not to blame for you being distracted, you were the one that started this," I laugh, kissing his lips softly before sitting up. He doesn't budge and I sigh lightly, "You're going to see me on Saturday remember?"

"That's two days away," he sits up, letting me sit up and grab my shoes. "And what am I supposed to wear?"

"Well it's just a Christmas party, so it's kind of fancy," I tell him, standing up with a smile, "but I'm showing you off to the family, so look good," I tease, pointing at him with a grin. I pack away my homework and stand up, waiting for him.

"I'll do my best," he winks, grabbing my hand, and pulling me closer. He kisses me slowly before grabbing his keys and walking over to the kitchen, "Snack for the road?"

"You know me so well," I sigh dreamily and we walk outside to get in his car.

"Do we get to make out in the car for ten minutes?" He asks with a pout, trying to make me feel bad.

"Five minutes," I counter.

"Nine minutes and I'll stop for Chick-Fil-A on the way to your place," he answers with a smirk, knowing me too well.

"Fifteen and you get me a milkshake," I open the passenger door and slip in the car.

"Deal," he grins, reversing out of his driveway and placing his hand on my thigh as we drive to Chick-Fil-A.


"Tessa, your soccer shoes are lying in the kitchen, get rid of them before I do!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs.

"Coming!" She yells back and I hear her stomping down the hall.

"Hey Soph, do you know where my curler is?" I lean out of my bedroom doorway and wait for her reply.

I see her hand lean out her bedroom with my curling iron in it, "I got it!" She yells back and I rush to grab it from her hands.

"Ah, my eyes!" Sebastian lets out a high pitch scream as he walks out of his bedroom and sees me half dressed. He covers his eyes with his hand and tries to navigate down the hallway.

"Watch it, moron," Tessa shoves him as she comes back up the stairs with her soccer boots in hand.

"Are you dressed?" he demands, keeping his eyes covered.

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