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This is it! Thank you and I Love you all. You're all a part of the Hayes Family in my eyes!


Graduation day

"Lottie?" Maddie asks as we sit and color one of her coloring books.

I look over at her, "Yeah?"

"You're going to come back, right?" She asks in a quiet voice.

I smile at her, putting down my crayons and grab her hand, turning her to face me, "Every chance I get."

She breathes a sigh of relief, "That's good, because I would miss you too much," she casually states, picking up her crayons again. "Why do you have to leave?" she asks.

I pick up my crayons and resume coloring, "Well, when you finish high school, you then go to college and some people go to colleges all over the world."

"So when you finish school you have to go to more school? That just doesn't seem fair," she states with a frown, scrunching up her eyebrows.

"You're telling me kiddo," I mutter.

We continue coloring for a few more minutes before mom walks into the room. "Lottie, you're going to be late for your own graduation! Hurry up and get ready, come on," she scolds pushing me out of my seat and towards the staircase.

"Do I have to?" I whine, slumping towards the stairs. "Can't I just go in pajamas? I'll be wearing a cap and gown, no one will know."

"Nope, I don't want to hear it, go!" She points up the stairs. "Tessa, I swear to God if I see your soccer boots in this living room one more time, I will sell them on eBay!"

Steps come rushing down the hallway and Tessa thumps down the stairs quickly.

"We have family here and may have more people stopping by later, you can't leave your stuff lying around, at least shove it in a closet until afterwards," my mother says, walking around the house, straightening things out.

Tessa nods her head, picking up her boots and rushing off to put them away.

"Oh come on, Clary, your house looks fine," Aunt Jenna yawns as she shuffles into the living room with a cup of coffee in her hand, placing a kiss on my cheek. She moves over to the couch and sits down, placing her feet on the ottoman. My uncle and cousins were out at the park, trying to tire out Baby Josh so that he doesn't get fussy during my graduation. Aunt Jenna's genius idea.

"Who is coming over?" I ask in confusion.

"Well, her," mom points to Aunt Jenna, who salutes me with a grin, "and both sets of grandparents will be here."

"Oh god," Aunt Jenna groans loudly, "It's bad enough that mom and dad are coming but Delilah and Jacob gotta come and kill my mood too?"

"And Ingrid," my mom adds with a scowl, mentioning my aunt on my dad's side.

"That bitch," Aunt Jenna mumbles with a pout.

"Talking about yourself again, Jen?" My dad walks into the living room with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"Not this time, Pete. Just talking about your wonderful sister and how excited I am that she's going to be here today," Aunt Jenna gives my dad a sarcastic grin.

"Ingrid is an acquired taste," my dad starts off but Aunt Jenna cuts him off.

"Yeah, like vomit," she mumbles to my mother and I; my mom gives her a subtle fist bump so my dad doesn't see. I put my hand over my mouth to stop from laughing.

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