Chapter 23

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"You haven't broken or pulled anything, I think landing on it just strained your knee since you haven't really been sliding around when playing softball since you tore your ACL, but you'll be fine in a couple days. Just try not to walk on it too much for the next two weeks; like no sports or anything like that, okay?" Nurse Debby tells me the rundown and I nod along quietly while sipping from a juice box she had given me. Sebastian stands next to me nodding along, holding out his phone so I can see my mother on FaceTime listening to the Nurse.

"Thank you, Debby, Char I think you should stay home tomorrow just to get some of the swelling down a bit and we can take it from there, okay?" I hear my mother through the speaker, and nod my head in agreement. Sebastian says goodbye to my mom before coming over to help me stand up and limp out the door.

"Thanks Nurse Debby," I yell over my shoulder that Sebastian is holding up. I open the door and walk out into the hallway. Nathan and Olivia, who ran out of her dance class when she saw Nathan and I go past the room, are leaning against the wall chatting as I come out.

"You're alive!" Olivia rushes over hugging me tight. I start tipping backwards and Sebastian hoists me back to my feet. "Sorry."

"So, what's the verdict?" Nathan asks quietly not moving from the wall.

"Nothing horrible, just strained my knee, I can't run for a few weeks, and I'm staying home tomorrow to get the swelling down," I shrug as best as I can with Sebastian still holding me.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry," he looks at me, guilt written all over his face.

I chuckle a little, "It's not your fault, I wouldn't have played if I didn't want to."

"But I feel like I forced you to play-," I cut him off before he can start rambling.

"Seriously, Nate, it's okay," I smile. He nods his head lightly and bends over carrying mine and Sebastian's bags on top of his own. Olivia has been quiet during the whole exchange, nods her head proudly at Nathans actions and walks next to him behind us.

"So, who won?" she asks casually.

"We kicked their asses!" Sebastian yells out into the empty hallway and I laugh loudly fist bumping him.

"At least you didn't get hurt for nothing," Olivia chirps happily, looking at the bright side of things.

"I had no idea any of you guys could play the way you did, I'm going to have to have a chat with Coach about start teams next semester, and Char you are a fucking good player," Nathan shakes his head with a smirk.

"Well as long as you guys can beat Westview, then we're good," Olivia states, somewhat trying to change the touchy subject of my short-lived softball career, only to bring a completely new topic I wanted to avoid even more. I widen my eyes and shake my head vigorously at her, she smiles sheepishly in return. Sebastian pushes open the front door leading us to the parking lot.

"Oh, we plan to, but aren't you cheering on Grahams?" Nathan asks confused.

"Thank you for carrying my bags, Olivia get in the car, they'll see you tomorrow, I'll see you next week Monday," I quickly change the subject climbing in the back, propping my feet along the backseat. I breathe a sigh of relief when he nods his head, saying goodbye and leaves. "He doesn't need to know about Chase."

"Why because he's the reason you guys broke up?" Olivia asks with her eyebrow raised.

"He was not the entire reason," I mumble shoving the back of her seat with my hand.

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