Chapter 39

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"Do you have to leave tomorrow night?" Nathan whines hugging me closer to him on his couch. It's Friday after school and it is officially Thanksgiving Break for the next week; Nathan is staying here and I am traveling to New York with my family tomorrow night for the whole week, only flying back next Saturday.

"I'll be gone for one week," I giggle, "Don't tell me you're going to become one of those clingy boyfriends," I smirk, pinching his arm.

"And what if I am?" he asks puffing out his chest making me laugh louder.

"Then I'll have to duct tape you to your bed just to get a moment of peace," I roll my eyes with a massive grin on my face.

"Kinky, I'm down," he shrugs trying to let his hand wonder further down my side.

"Oh, my god, no," his fingers tickle my side lightly and I start giggling. "Stop! I hate being tickled," I whine loudly trying not to laugh.

"Well in that case," he trails off pinning me down on the couch, tickling me relentlessly.

"No, no, no, come on babe, I didn't do anything to deserve this!" I shout at him, giggling. He shifts himself so he's sitting on top of me and I feel the wind knock out of me.

"Now that you're somewhat incapacitated, what will you do for me?" He asks wriggling his eyebrows.

"You can let me go?" I ask sweetly, moving my hand from his chest to rest on his leg.

"Nah, I think I'll enjoy this," he smirks, leaning forward until his lips are a breath away.

"You asked for it," I shrug, moving my hand quickly, just as his lips touch mine I grab a few of his leg hairs, "Odds or evens?"

His smirk drops off his face and he leans back with a hint of fear in his eyes, "You wouldn't dare! Who taught you that?" he demands, not touching the hand that is holding his leg.

"I have two brothers, and one of them is Sebastian," I explain with an evil smile, tugging lightly, watching his scared face wince slightly.

"Char, let's talk about this," he raises his arms in surrender, hoping I let go.

"You didn't answer my question, I'm thinking odds," I pretend to contemplate my answer and he starts to panic.

"I'll do whatever you want, just please don't do this," he pleads dramatically.

I raise an eyebrow in response, "No more tickling and I want Chick-Fil-A for the rest of the month whenever I ask for it."

"Well, that just seems a bit extreme-," I cut him off by tugging the hair, "Okay, okay, no more tickling and more Chick-Fil-A, you win."

"I would have let go for a bag of Cheetos, just so you know," I chuckle sitting up and letting go of his leg, cuddling back into his side.

"I'll keep that in mind for future reference," he grumbles, putting his arm around me, turning his attention back to the television.

We watch a movie for a little while and end up arguing about the main character for another 20 mins when we hear the front door open. I hear little feet patter through the house and an energetic Mia runs into the room. I can hear Carly telling her something about running to the bathroom quickly.

"Uncle Nate, Charlotte! I just came back from the park!" Mia runs up to us, climbs on the couch and sits directly in between us, joining our cuddle. I squeeze her tightly and her grin widens.

"That's awesome Noodle," Nate says placing her on his lap and bouncing her around, making her burst out in giggles.

I sit silently next to them, with a small smile on my face, just loving the way that they interact.

"Uncle Nate, can we watch Tangled?" Mia asks in a cute voice, with big puppy dog eyes.

Nathan groans loudly, already shaking his head, sounding tortured by the request.

"Yes, I love Tangled! Please can we watch it Uncle Nate?" I whine with an overexaggerated pout on my face.

"Not you too," he huffs, crossing his arms, purposely looking away from our pouty faces.

Mia grins up at me and moves over to sit on my lap, both of us pulling our best pouts at him. Nathan's resolve crumbles slowly as he sneaks peeks at us, still scowling. He lets out an exaggerated breath, "Fiiine."

Mia and I squeal loudly, hugging each other and she jumps out of my arms, running towards the television; looking through the cabinets and pulling out the DVD with a big flourish.

"You two are such pains," he gets up begrudgingly and grabs the DVD out of his niece's tiny hands.

"I'll be right back," she points a finger in Nathan's face with a warning tone waiting for him to acknowledge her and then scurries out of the room is a rush.

"I love her," I tell him with a grin, getting up to grab us more drinks and snacks.

He grumbles back a reply before turning back to the television, changing the channel, and turning on the DVD player.

I grab a few drinks for everyone, while the popcorn pops in the microwave, humming a song from Tangled. I set everything on a kitchen tray and slowly walk back into the living room my eyes widening at the decorations laid out. This child is obsessed... well she was wearing the Rapunzel dress when I met her so I should have known. There is a Tangled fuzzy blanket draped over the couch and the sun lanterns from the movie have been placed in all the corners of the room, with the light turned off it looks magical.

Mia is standing in the middle of the room with her Rapunzel Barbie doll in her arms, making sure her dress and hair are perfect. She looks up at me with a grin on her face and that's when I realize she is wearing her Rapunzel dress as well.

"I got you this, since I don't have a big girl dress," she smiles handing me a stuffed Pascal chameleon toy and Tangled Mickey Ears from Disneyland. Fuck, yes!

"This is amazing," I reply in awe, setting the tray on the ottoman, putting the ears on my head and holding the stuffed toy up to my face.

Nathan is standing by the TV with a small smile on his face, watching us set everything up for our movie. I grin at him, pulling a funny face and his smile widens as he walks closer.

He sits down on the couch and takes out his cellphone turning his camera on, turning it in my direction I smile brightly at the camera hearing a small click. "Okay, I need a selfie with both of you, come on," he beckons us closer and we jump on him smooshing our faces together, pulling silly faces.

Mia stands up and grabs her juice taking big sips. Nathan looks over to me, leaning in slightly. I meet him halfway and we share a short kiss before Mia sees us, and I almost miss the sound of a click. I lean back and he's already looking at the picture he took. I push his arm lightly with a smile, leaning into him with Mia climbing back onto the couch sitting between us, fidgeting with excitement, and the Tangled blanket is draped over all three of us. Nathan places his arm over the back of the couch, resting it on my shoulder, playing with my hair.


What's your favorite Disney/ Animated movie?? Mine is Tangled (duh) and How To Train Your Dragon!

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