Chapter 43

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Monday morning I got out of the car with a frown on my face. Summer was standing near the front doors with a bunch of people around her. I slowly make my way towards the doors with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

Sophie and Sebastian stand next to me, oblivious to my hesitance.

"What's with the crowd?" Tessa walks over to us with a curious expression on her face.

"Who knows," Sebastian shrugs, holding his backpack on his shoulder and starts walking toward the crowd.

I look around, seeing if I can see any of the girls in the parking lot but I come up empty. I look forward as I hear a few people in the growing crowd laugh loudly. As I get closer to the front of the crowd, Summer's face becomes clearer and she's wearing a smirk while holding up a piece of paper in front of everyone.

"I mean, I don't understand why she didn't just pick up her phone and call someone to come help, she didn't need to run around practically naked," she remarks curiously and the crowd laughs again.

No. My face falls and the knot in my stomach tightens in fear.

Summer picks up her head and notices me on the sidelines, "Charlotte! There you are, we were wondering when you were going to get here, we've been here for fifteen minutes already," she smiles evilly, gesturing me to come closer to her. I notice Michelle and Penelope are amongst the group closest to her. Bitches.

No, no, no, NO.

Everyone turns around and a few people laugh, others just lean in to whisper to their friends and I even see a flash go off from a camera.

Sebastian stiffens beside me, moving to stand a little bit in front of me, trying to block peoples view of me. Sophie grabs my hand and squeezes twice, letting me know she's there. Tessa just stands quietly behind me.

I raise my head and I shuffle forward, finally getting a good look at the piece of paper in her hand that she is showing everyone. It's the picture of me in a towel in the school hallways from last year when Summer had stolen my clothes from my locker after gym class which proceeded me to run around the school looking for help.

"Now, I know we all saw this picture getting circulated last year but now we can finally put a name to the body!" Summer grins to the crowd.

I keep a stony expression on my face, not wanting to show everyone the humiliation running through me.

"Charlotte Hayes, everyone!" She points me out and the boys in the crowd let out a bunch of wolf whistles and I cringe slightly, breathing deeply, closing my eyes for a second.

"At least she looks better than you," I hear snarky comment from someone in the crowd and Olivia steps forward with a scowl on her face. She walks over to Summer and stand directly in front of her.

"Hello Olivia, what, Charlotte needs her bodyguard to fight her battles for her?" she asks with an innocent expression on her face. The crowd stays silent watching everything unfold.

"Listen here, Winter," Olivia calls her, resorting to her old nickname people used to call her to piss her off, "Charlotte can fight her own battles but when you mess with my best friend it turns into a tag team match, so square up, bitch."

Summer grits her teeth at the nickname but brushes it off easily, faking a smile, "Well, I'm not really in the mood for any of this right now, just wanted to show the student body who the girl was that ran around the school naked," she grins.

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