Chapter 16

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That picture reminds me of Olivia in Chapter 12!!!!

For future information! Charlotte's dad has a nickname for each child, we've seen this early on with Charlotte and Sebastian but I just want to let you know what they are so people don't get confused! Also their ages at the beginning of this book! Some of them are probably stupid or corny but that's what makes them so special in a family.

Harry (Harold)- 20 (Junior in College)

Charlotte (Lottie)- 17 (Senior HS)

Sebastian & Sophie (Bass & Soapy)- 16 (Juniors HS)

Tessa (Tessy)- 14 (Freshman HS)

Madeline (Munchkin)- 7 (2nd Grade ES)


The beach was cool and crowded, there was nice breeze blowing by but not strong enough to blow sand everywhere. Mom and dad were more than happy to get rid of us all and even offered for us to take the SUV for the day. I think they just wanted a day to relax and chill with no kids. I get it, trust me, we're a handful.

Maddie plays at the shore with Sebastian as they try to find seashells for the collection she's decided start; Tessa is digging a hole, claiming she's not going to stop until she's finds water; and Sophie and I are tanning on our beach towels where we had all settled our stuff.

"Soapy, Lottie, look at this seashell I found, it's so pretty!" Maddie shouts running towards us.

I take off my sunglasses and look up as Sophie sits up moving her book to one side, "Wow Mads, that looks so pretty!" I tell her with wide eyes.

"You definitely have to keep that one," Sophie nods her head picking up the pink little bucket we've used to keep all her seashells in so far.

"I know!" She giggles placing the seashell into the bucket and saying a quick 'goodbye' and running back down to Sebastian. I lie back down on my towel.

"So, Chase Graham?" Sophie asks looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Chase," I nod my head in agreement.

"You know eventually you're going to have to tell mom and dad, how long have you two been dating again?" She asks lying on her back soaking up the sun.

"It's been roughly two months, Olivia told Sebastian we've hooked up 'a couple times' so that it wouldn't seem serious," I laugh.

"And? Is it serious?" She asks turning to face me.

"I would like to think so, we never confirmed a label but we're exclusive, and that's fine with me," I shrug picking up my book.

"What about Nathan? He seems to be trying his luck out with you after all the social interactions lately," Sophie remarks.

"He just feels guilty about his first impression with me, he flirted with me to prove a point and I lost my shit," I chuckle loudly, Sophie joining in too.

"Well if you're happy, then I'm happy for you. You know I'll have to meet him soon right?" Sophie winks, smiling at me. I smile back at her when I feel a bunch of sand hit me in the face.

"Tessa! What the hell?" I spit sand out of my mouth and start brushing my fingers through my hand trying to get the sand out, Sophie laughs next to me.

"Sorry Char, didn't mean it, I swear!" Tessa yells sheepishly as she drops her toy shovel to the ground, raising her hands in surrender trying to not to laugh.

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