Chapter 12

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"So, has he called you yet?" Courtney asks taking a bite of her apple. We're sitting at our table outside in the senior garden at lunchtime.

"He texted me saying that he's got nothing to apologise for, if that's what you mean," I scoff talking about the message Chase sent me on Saturday morning prompting me to ignore it because he's an idiot.

"You know I never liked him," Olivia voices, pointing a finger in my direction. "He's a choad." I almost spit my drink out.

"Do you know what that means Olivia?" Quinn asks puzzled.

"Yes, I do, just because I don't get the highest grades at this table doesn't mean I'm not educated!" She argues back. I put my hands up in surrender.

"No one said you weren't educated Liv, we just weren't expecting that," Courtney states logically.

"So, are there any plans for this weekend?" Quinn changes the subject.

"I was thinking Girls' Night Out, with a movie, dinner and maybe the arcade?" I suggest looking at the girls.

"Yes, I'm down. I can finally kick your ass at that Terminator game," Olivia smirks evilly at me and I just laugh. I am the champion at that game.

"Oh, it's on," I smirk at her.

Courtney playfully rolls her eyes, "You two are like children."

"And that is why you're the mom of the group Courts," Olivia chuckles throwing a piece of her popcorn at her.

"I am just mature," Courtney turns away sticking her nose in the air making all of us laugh.

"Well now that we've established that Court is the group mom, we need to do something about Soph," I say looking at each of them. "I can't deal with her depressed state anymore. It's been like this for almost a month, it's not fair that she gets all the blame and becomes a pariah to my brother but Cole is still his best friend."

"I thought they hashed all that out at the start of school? He's still being petty about it?" Quinn asks disgruntled.

"You want me to take out Cole? I know some people, make it look like an accident," Olivia shrugs like it's no big deal.

"Jesus, no Liv, what the hell? Who do you know?" I ask in curiously.

"I've already said too much, carry on," she folds her arms and leans on the table.

"I was thinking setting her up with someone else, help her get over Cole," I look around the area for any potential date options.

"Not going to lie, your idea sounds a lot less fun than Liv's," Courtney grabs my attention, gesturing to Olivia.

"We are not killing Cole!" I state, surprised that this conversation is even happening.

"I'm not saying we have to kill him, I'm just saying it's an option," Olivia leans back with a smirk on her face.

"But wouldn't that make any guy we choose a rebound?" Quinn asks ignoring Olivia's comment.

"Why do they always have to be called rebounds? A rebound is usually intentional, and we all know Sophie would never consider someone a rebound. What if she ends up really liking him? It's not a rebound it's just one date," I reason with them.

"What about James Carson? He sweet and cute," Courtney suggests.

"Didn't she get into this situation because it was with Sebastian's friend? James is on the baseball team with him," Quinn shoots down that idea.

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