Chapter 14

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"He just said something and she laughed. Oh, my gosh, he just put his hand over hers. They're just staring at each other now, is it weird that I'm watching them have a moment? I feel like it's wei-"

"Liv, could you shut up, we can all see them perfectly fine," Courtney looks over at Olivia who is just blatantly staring at the couple a few feet away from us sitting at a table sharing a snack. We had been at this Dave & Busters for over an hour when Sophie and Aidan showed up to play a few arcade games; now they were sitting at the sports bar section getting a snack.

"I know but I feel like this needs some commentary, I don't have any siblings to do this too," she urges still staring at them.

"Well you can do this for all my siblings if you want, just wait until Maddie starts dating," I shudder at the thought. "If you don't pay attention I am just going to shoot the puck at you the whole time." She turns around quickly and grabs the air hockey handle putting her game face on. Quinn swipes her card in the machine and we each stand at our sides, grabbing the handles that are placed there.

"Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong," Olivia smirks making eye contact with each of us trying to be intimidating. As soon as the buzzer goes off, indicating that the game has started, we all aim for her goal whenever we get the puck. "Okay, that is not fair! No ganging up on me you guys," she pouts making us all laugh.


The girls and I had watched as Sophie and Aidan leave the arcade with smiles on their faces, before we sat down for some food for ourselves.

"Olivia, that was supposed to be my buffalo wing!" Quinn exclaims watching in horror as Olivia devours the last buffalo wing.

"You are still on your first, and you ate half the mozzarella sticks, it's only fair!" Olivia retorts with her mouth full of food.

"Stop talking with your mouth full," I nudge her gently. Courtney rolls her eyes at the whole exchange before her eyes land on something behind us and her eyes widens. "What is it?" I ask slowly turning in my seat. Chase and his friends have just walked through the door all of them are laughing uncontrollably.

I quickly look forward as Travis meets my eyes, "Shit."

"Do you want to leave?" Olivia asks glaring at them all with barbecue sauce all over her face.

"No, it's fine, if he wants to come over then let him, but I'm not making the effort," I shrug cleaning the drips and spills around me, picking up all the dirty napkins and putting them onto one plate.

"Hey, stop, just breathe," Olivia gently grabs my hand to stop me when I start wiping up all the water droplets from our cups.

"Sorry, you know I start cleaning when I'm nervous," I answer glaring at the spot of ranch dressing in front of Quinn.

"I do, and I'm pretty sure he knows that too, so stop," Olivia smiles at me gently, I nod my head and put my hands in my lap. I can feel their presence before they say anything.

"Can we talk?" I look up at Chase as he stares directly into my eyes almost pleading. I look over at the girls and they just shrug wanting me to decide for myself. I nod my head and slowly get up.

"Nice look Liv," Travis remarks with a loud laugh probably talking about the sauce all over her face. His friends join in.

"Did your parents drop you on your head a lot as a baby? Because it would explain a lot," Olivia smiles sweetly but the look in her eyes scream murder. I giggle as I walk away from the table before Olivia yells out, "I'm watching you Grahams, you touch my girl, my fist will punch you in the throat!"

"You can leave now," Courtney says to the rest of his friends.

We walk over to an empty table and he sits down, gesturing for me to sit next to him, I sit across from him and he looks a little deflated.

"I'm sorry, okay? I was stupid to stereotype you like that, I know you hate it when people do that, so this is me extending the olive branch," he puts his hands on the table. "I was just scared, you walked into the kitchen with a swollen fist, how was I supposed to react, what if you had actually gotten hurt?"

"I am not going to feel sorry for you and let you turn around your overreaction and make it my fault. What about when you get into arguments, am I just supposed to assume that you're going to start throwing fists around, because thats what guys do? No, I'm going to let you handle it, and when you come up to me with a bloody fist I will help you clean up and carry on with my life, I'm not going to talk to you like you're some child that should know better, you are supposed to be my equal not my parent. I get this thing between us is new but I need you to understand how important it is for me to feel equal and not controlled," I cross my arms with a blank expression.

"Well I'm sorry about wanting to take care of the girl I'm seeing. That's what the guy does in the relationship!" he throws his arms up in the air.

"You can take care of me all you want, I am just saying that I do not want you berating me like I'm a child," I stand firm on my statement.

"Okay no more berating, I promise. Can we just get over this stupid fight please? I miss you," he says softly.

"I'll accept your apology , but if you ever disrespect me like that again, I will tell Olivia she has free range on your face," I answer with an eyebrow raised.

"Deal," he leans over and grabs my hand squeezing it. "So, do you want to hang out with me for the rest of the night?" he leans over with a gleam in his eye.

"Nope, it's Girls' Night, maybe next time," I smile and pull him along with me back to my table.

The girls are still sitting there trying not to make it obvious that they're staring at us. Chase's friends are seated at the table across from them while Jackson sits, in my previously vacated seat, next to Quinn while they talk to each other. Olivia snorts at something Jackson says resulting in Courtney and Quinn to laugh too. Gotta love 'em.

"And?" Olivia doesn't beat around the bush. Chase picks up our entwined hands shaking them gently. "Oh, thank god I think I ate too much, if I was going to hit anyone I might have chundered on them at the same time," Olivia puts a hand on her stomach rubbing circles softly.

"That's disgusting Liv," Jackson laughs standing up as I walk over and sit back in my seat.

"You love me," she smirks winking at him.

I turn towards Chase with a smile, silently telling him that it is time for him and his friends to go. He gets the hint and kisses me on the cheek before walking saying his goodbyes and walking over to the arcade section with his friends.

"Well that went well," I smile at the girls and lean back on my seat.

"So, it's all sorted out between you two now?" Quinn asks as Courtney takes the check from the waiter and gives him her credit card.

"Pretty much, I'm still slightly annoyed with him but it wasn't something that was worth ignoring each other for a week, you know?" I look over at them.

"I get it, boys just need to understand that we're not going to tolerate their idiocy when it comes to women anymore," Courtney adds in, placing her credit card back into her purse as we all stand up and start gathering our bags and prizes.

"Exactly," I agree as we walk out of the building and head towards my car.

"Hey Char can I drive?" Olivia asks her hand on the passenger door.

I laugh, "Absolutely not."


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