Chapter 36.5

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Third Person POV

He sits quietly in a secluded booth with his two best friends, watching the couple across the room.

They're both wearing athletic clothes and their hair looks greasy from sweat.

The boy is says something to the girl and she bursts out in laughter, covering her face with her hands. The boy leans forward, pulling her hands away from her face as he leans in and kisses her lightly. The girl blushes a bright red with an almost giddy smile on her face. He steals a bite of her food and she smacks his arm, taking a gulp of his milkshake in return. She looks happy.

"Dude, why are you so quiet?" Travis leans over the table pulling Chases' attention from his ex and the one guy he hates just as much as his older brother.

"It's nothing," Chase grumbles calling over a waitress, asking for another beer (his third one since he spotted them walking into the place holding hands), showing her the fake ID he had acquired for $200 from a random kid at school. The waitress nods her head and moves over towards the bar.

His best friend, Jackson, sits next to him, watching his facial expressions and moving his eyes in the direction he's had his eyes for the past hour. Jackson's shoulders slump slightly at the sight of the girl who messed up his best friend.

"She's not worth it, man. She did a number on you and you only dated for two months. Leave her alone, you were the one that ended it at the end of the day," Jackson tries to reason with Chase's thought process. He was the one that called it quits but only because he could already see how attached she was to Ward.

"Yeah man, her friends were batshit crazy too, and nobody wants to deal with those girls," Travis explains, trying to make his friend feel better.

"Shut up, Trav. Dude, do you want to leave?" Jackson murmurs as the waitress places the bottle of beer down in front of his best friend.

Chase, who hasn't moved his eyes away from the couple, who are now walking over to the gaming section of the place- holding hands and pulling each other in different directions of their favorite games- he looks over at his friends who wait for his reply. He nods his head, standing up with the bottle in his hand, "Yeah, let's get out of here," he drops a couple bills on the table and walks out of the restaurant, looking back only once so he can watch the couple one last time, with his friends following behind him.

"That's my man, let's go get you laid!" His moronic friend, Travis throws his arms in the air screaming.

Chase fakes a smile, handing the bottle over to his best friend before tackling Travis, causing them to wrestle all the way to the car.

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