Chapter 56

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"Maddie is having a couple friends from class over today, okay?" Mom informs us as she walks into the kitchen.

"Today? Why, today? Your flight leaves, in like, three hours?" I ask as we all stare at her upset.

"Because I forgot it was today and you are more than capable of looking after a couple of kids for two hours," she replies sternly, walking over to her handbag, and digging through it, double checking that she has everything.

The rest of are still in our pajamas, eating breakfast.

"How many kids are we talking?" Sebastian asks through a mouthful of a waffle.

She shrugs, coming up with the numbers in her head, "I don't know, five or six."

"Five or Six? That's like dealing with a room full of small us', I am not equipped for that," Tessa argues back, drinking her smoothie.

"You and me both, Tessy," mom mumbles, ruffling Tessa's hair as she moves around the kitchen.

"It's fine, we'll deal," I look at Tessa pointedly, and turn to mom with a smile, "Don't worry mom, we've got this," I reassure her.

She walks over to me and kisses the top of my head, "I knew you were one of my favorites for a reason," she teases, walking over to the fridge.

"Hey! You can't say that and not tell us who's the other favorites!" Sebastian shouts to her.

"If you have to ask, it's not you," Sophie laughs, taking a bite out of her strawberries with a grin. He shoves her and she almost topples over in her chair.

"Now, over the house rules: No drinking and driving; no drugs and if one of you breaks any of my shit, there will be hell to pay," she threatens, looking specifically at Sebastian and Tessa.

Maddie walks into the room with a sad pout on her face. She walks up to mom and hugs her waist tightly, "Mommy, do you and daddy have to go?"

Mom leans down and kisses her cheek loudly making Maddie giggle, "It's only for two weeks, my baby. Charlotte is going to take you to school in the morning; Ellie will pick you up and help you all with homework and dinners and Harry will be here for the weekends," she strokes her hair softly, kissing the top of her head.

"I don't want you to go," she whines, tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey, no crying. Mommy and daddy are going to bring back lots of presents and you also have a bunch of friends coming over," mom smiles as we all watch her work her parenting magic.

"Friends? Really?" she asks excitedly, her tears drying up as the seconds go past.

"Lots of friends," she winks. Maddie giggles excitedly and runs up to Sebastian.

"Bass, can I borrow your nerf gun? Grayson said he has a big one and I want to take him down," she smiles evilly.

"Grayson, a boy? Why is a boy coming over?" Sebastian looks over at mom, comically outraged.

"Grayson and Percy are the only two boys coming over, calm yourself Seb," mom informs him with a grin.

"Two boys? What is this, the bachelor?" He asks leaning on island dramatically.

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