Chapter 65

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I gently place the last clip in my hair as I look into the mirror at my reflection.

"Honey, you look gorgeous," my mom breathes as tears run down her face. I smile at her through the mirror and turn around, walking towards her and giving her a hug. "My baby is all grown up," she blubbers into my shoulder.

"Mom, stop, you're going to make me cry," I pout, looking up at the ceiling as tears gather in the corner of my eyes.

"I'm not crying, you're crying," she replies sarcastically.

I fold my arms over my chest, "Real mature."

My closet opens and Olivia struts out with her prom dress on. "Oh, Olivia," my mother starts tearing up again.

She grins at my mom and then looks down at herself, "I know, I look hot," she chuckles, walking over to my mom and hugging her tightly.

My mother pulls back but keeps her hands on her shoulders, "I wish your mom could have been here to see this moment," mom gives her a watery smile.

Olivia looks down at her feet, nodding her head. She lets out a laugh that soon turns into a sob and she places a hand over her mouth and uses the other to try and stop the tears from ruining her makeup. My mom pulls her in for another hug, squeezing her tightly. My heart breaks a little, witnessing my best friend cry but I smile because I know that my mom loves her like she's another daughter.

After a few minutes of hugging, they pull away. "Okay, enough crying, I need to look good for the pictures," my mom says, fully pulling away from Olivia.

Olivia scoffs with a grin, dabbing under eyes, "Yeah, you need to look good for the pictures," she rolls her eyes with a laugh.

My bedroom door slams open, "I'm here!" Courtney walks into the room but her dress is so long that she has to yank it into the room, "Stupid thing, stop being a pain in my ass," she curses as she walks further into the room.

Quinn walks into the room in a beautiful baby pink dress, her hair is pulled on top of her hair in an artfully placed messy bun, rolling her eyes at Courtney, "I told you that that dress was going to annoy you."

"My babies are so beautiful!" my mom starts tearing up again as she walks over to Quinn and Courtney, showering them in hugs and kisses.

"Charlotte and Olivia, you two are gorgeous," Kerry, Quinn's mother exclaims as she walks into my bedroom. The noise downstairs has gotten louder at the sound of our families coming into the house, waiting to take some pictures.

A round of deep laughter resonates from downstairs and I find myself grinning at the thought of Nathan in a suit.

"Are they all here?" I ask referring to our dates.

Kerry shakes her head, "Lilly will be here in a moment, her mother said that they had a little issue with her dress but they're on their way."

"Courts, where is your mom?" Olivia asks, noting that Courtney's mom is not up here with the rest of them.

Courtney rolls her eyes with a sigh, "She's schmoozing Nate's mom, they got here the same time we did."

"Of course she is," Mom winks at us, smoothing out pieces of my hair that won't stay down. Curse you cowlicks! "Okay, are you girls ready?" We nod our heads and move out of my bedroom.

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