Chapter 57

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"Babe, just back off," Sebastian whispers in her ear, loud enough for all of us to hear.

Nathan has his arm around my waist, ready to pull me back if anything happens. Tessa shoves through the crowd with a few of her friends behind her and a couple of boys.

"What is going on? Someone yelled fight and I ran over," Tessa tells us, slightly out of breath. She leans forward and takes an annoyingly loud deep breath before looking back at us.

"Yeah it was like watching a sniffer dog search for drugs," a cute boy snickers looking at Tessa.

She shoves him hard and watches him bump into a group of juniors who start yelling at him for being an idiot. "Piss off, Drew," she rolls her eyes.

"Drew? I'm Charlotte," I reach out my hand to shake his with a smile on my face. He shakes my hand with a smile and ends up bro hugging Nathan.

"Is now really the time to be doing introductions?" Tessa asks sarcastically as she gestures back to Olivia and Penelope's stare off.

"Calm down, Tess, they're not even doing anything," Drew laughs, looking back at us.

"I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you, so just fuck off," Olivia snaps back at Penelope and we all turn our attention back to the two of them.

Penelope rolls her eyes, and they land on Tessa who raises an eyebrow in response. "Aren't you the bitch that slashed Summer's tires?"

"What's it to you?" Tessa asks, crossing her arms, stepping up next to Olivia. Drew's eyes widen as he watches Tessa stand up to Penelope. "Someone give me a drink," Tessa orders softly and holds out her hand and Lilly puts her drink in Tessa's outstretched hand hesitantly, wondering if she should feel guilty about giving a fourteen-year-old an alcoholic drink, but Tessa doesn't drink it.

"Of course, you're related to this family," she scoffs in disgust looking at each Hayes sibling, sans Sophie, since she's not here and she's also the only good one out of all of us.

"This family?" Tessa mimics, heated. Olivia grabs her shoulder before she can launch herself at Penelope.

"Okay, no. I don't care if you talk shit about Olivia, but as soon as you come after my siblings its game over for you," Harry moves from behind her and stands next to Sebastian.

As Harry was moving he accidentally bumps into Tessa and she uses the opportunity and fakes a trip spilling the drink all over Penelope's front and she lets out a dramatic and loud "Oh no!" "You might want to go wash that off, it's a little sticky," she grins.

"I fucking love you," Olivia laughs and hugs Tessa to her tightly.

"You're just as bad as the rest of them," Penelope looks over at Harry with a scowl.

"Damn right I am, now disappear," he tells her, shooing her away. She doesn't bother saying anything and moves through the crowd, disappearing from our sight.

Olivia looks up at Sebastian and he leans his forehead on hers and whispers to her softly. She rolls her eyes but still smiles up at him and nods her head lightly. He leans forward and kisses her softly wrapping her up tightly in his arms.

"Your family is insane," Drew looks over at Tessa, "Now I know where you get it from," he chuckles when she smacks his arm.

"Drew, that's short for Andrew, right?" I ask, smiling at him, bringing everyone's attention to him.

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