Chapter 30

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"So, you're going mini-golfing? Is that the best idea when you're both so competitive?" Courtney asks as she ruffles through my closet, looking for an outfit for me to wear.

"Can I just say how crazy it is that Nathan asked you out?" Olivia asks with a smirk, lying on my bed reading her phone.

"Crazy good or crazy bad?" I ask worried, looking over at her as I stand next to Courtney at my closet. I wring my fingers together nervous for this whole night.

"Crazy good, calm your tits," she laughs loudly, "I mean we're not even popular," Courtney scoffs out a 'speak for yourself' but Olivia just carries on talking, "I mean first Chase, now Nathan, both captains of their baseball teams, damn you're good," Olivia nods her head proud.

"Shut up, I don't care that Nathan is captain, he's just a great guy, and I want to get to know him more," I tell them grabbing the outfit Courtney has chosen out of her hands, and walk over to the bathroom to change.

"I think you two would be really cute together," Quinn pipes up from the chair next to my desk, reading a book she had brought with.

"Okay but what about Summer? She may just be a family friend to him but I'm still suspicious," Courtney says from my bedroom while I change.

"I know what you mean but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, we've already discovered that he's not a douchebag," I remind everyone as I walk out of the bathroom with my flowy tank top and my favorite skinny jeans.

"And if anything happens, I can call my guy," Olivia walks over to my vanity and winks in the mirror, touching up her makeup.

"Olivia, seriously, stop with this whole creepy mafia gu-," Courtney starts ranting but I cut her off quickly.

"Hold up, if we have to deal with Summer, I'm keeping my options open. Liv, keep the guy on speed dial," I smile slyly and finish brushing out my hair in front of the vanity Olivia is sitting at. The girls laugh loudly.

"Lottie, can I borrow your white converse? Mine look like I ran through a mud puddle," Sophie knocks on my bedroom door, walking in.

"Yeah in my closet," I smile twirling around for Sophie.

"Cute! Love the look," Sophie grins shuffling through my shoes piled on the floor in the corner of my closet.

Olivia walks over to my Bluetooth speaker, turning it on and blasting Your Side of the Bed by Loote. She picks up my bottle of deodorant and uses it as a microphone, dancing around the room. I shimmy over towards her, dancing around my room until the pre-chorus hits and we freeze trying to act seductive with overexaggerated hair flicks and winks thrown at the other girls, who don't even try to conceal their laughter. Quinn is giggling into her book, rolling her eyes; Courtney is holding her phone in our direction, no doubt recording Olivia and I acting like a bunch of fools. I love these girls. The chorus starts and all five of us scream the lyrics, dancing around my room just having fun.

When the song finishes, I take the deodorant from Olivia's hands and spray some on me, since I got a little sweaty from jumping around. The doorbell rings shortly after we've calmed down and my eyes go wide as I stare at the girls.

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