Chapter 34

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Inspiration has struck and I am back!
Unedited but enjoy!
Olivia pushes him away quickly and immediately looks over at me. She opens her mouth but closes it, not knowing what to say.

"What the hell was that?" I ask in disbelief, my voice the only sound in the crowded kitchen.

Everyone around us had just seen Sebastian, my brother, kiss Olivia, my best friend.

"I can explain," Olivia starts, facing me, and grabbing my hands tightly. Sebastian is too drunk to really comprehend what he just did in front of a third of the senior class.

"Yeah, explaining would be a good start," I mumble quickly, racking my brain for excuses as to what just happened. Sebastian is super drunk, so that makes sense; but a drunk person's actions are a sober person's thoughts. Okay but that makes no sense because I don't even understand the things I do when I'm drunk, I have a completely different agenda when I'm drunk.

"Not here," she replies softly, looking around the kitchen at all the prying eyes. She pulls Sebastian by his wrist and I follow quickly behind, running up the staircase.

We walk along the hallway on the second floor, trying to open any door we pass for some privacy. Finally, Olivia finds an unlocked room that must belong to Freddie from all the trophies with his name on them.

I'm the last one in so I close the door behind us and turn towards them. Sebastian is already lying on the bed slowly starting to doze off as Olivia watches him, trying to take off his shoes gently. I walk over to help her.

I grab his shoe and Olivia keeps hold of his ankle as we try to pull the Spider-Man boot off, "Okay, now start talking," I grunt pulling with all my strength. Geez, who made these shoes so difficult to take off!?

"Okay," she replies hesitantly, "It started just over a month ago," she speaks quickly.

I yank the boot too hard and fall on my backside in shock, "A month? You've been secretly seeing each other for over a month?" I ask in disbelief, still sitting on the floor with the boot in my hand.

"I wanted to tell you, honest," she pleads.

"Then, why didn't you?" I ask confused.

"Okay- so it was kind of like you with Chase- you didn't want anyone to know because he was from Westview," she shrugs knowing her excuse was bullshit.

"He's my brother," I deadpan.

"I wanted to tell you as soon as it happened but he was worried of how you would react," Olivia explains sitting on the bed and brushing his hair away from his face. That hypocritical little asshole!

"He is such a hypocrite!" I yell glaring daggers at the peacefully sleeping boy, I start pacing the room, "Don't you realize this was exactly what happened with Soph and Cole, like the fucking same!" I start fiddling with my cape, too stressed to focus right now.

"And you yelled at him, telling him that he should have just let it go, so aren't you acting the same way he was?" Olivia asks innocently.

"This is different, if he got so upset about it happening to him then he's a douchebag for shoving it on me," I crossed my arms tightly.

"He's not a douchebag, Char, he's just-," I cut her off quickly.

"If you start spewing to me that 'he's just misunderstood' crap, I will literally throw up on you," I warn her.

"I was going to say that he's just scared of your reaction. I know you, you're not really mad at us, you're just mad that we never told you right away," she replies calmly, still sitting on the bed.

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