Chapter 33

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This place was crazy. Freddie's house was located on its own hill at the end of his street, so you can understand how loud the music was if your only neighbors were a solid four minutes at the bottom of a hill. It was so loud, that his hardwood floors were vibrating along with the bass of each song.

Students were piled into the house, to the point where casual conversations were taking place on the various staircases around the monstrosity that is Freddie's Halloween Party.

We had been here for just over an hour and my nerves hadn't settled since I had walked through the front door holding Nathan's hand. It wasn't that stereotypical moment where a bunch of girls are standing around the room coming up with ways to end my existence. Honestly, it probably wasn't that much of a shock since we had been hanging out a lot at school.

Now, Olivia and I are sitting on the porch steps watching the guys play a few drinking games in the back yard. Nathan and I had mutually agreed that we wouldn't be stuck to each other the whole night, even though we had come here together.

"Ugh, why do the girls have to sit and watch the boys play the games, that is so boring," Olivia groans loudly, finishing her rum and coke mix.

"Then let's do something, come on, we must show off these costumes," I tell her, grabbing her hand and pulling her up off the steps, leading her into the house.

Quinn had seen a few of her physics classmates having a debate over who knows what, and they called her over to help them figure out who was right. Courtney had been asked to dance by Dylan Cosell and we haven't seen her since. And I don't even want to get started on Sebastian, who I last saw doing a keg stand with a bunch of his friends cheering him on. Sophie had checked in a few times, her friend Lia glued to her side in true Cher & Dionne fashion, not to mention Aidan has his eyes on her the whole night. Everywhere she went he just happened to be twenty feet across the room.

Olivia and I pushed through throngs of people standing in doorways for no damn reason other than to take up space. I had taken off my leather long sleeve jacket a while ago, and had taken it to Nathan's car down the block, because I was practically suffocating in the heat of warm bodies smooshed into one house. I did keep my cape on though, it was too badass to take it off. Olivia had ditched the mask but still kept her weapons in case she had to threaten anyone.

"I'm going to grab us a drink!" Olivia shouted over the music bellowing from the speakers strategically placed around the room.

She wondered in the direction of the kitchen and I stood around what I assumed was supposed to be a living room that had all its furniture pushed up against the walls.

"Char, I love that costume, you look so amazing," Lily, a senior cheerleader from school, stumbled over to me in her colorful butterfly costume.

"Thank you, Lil," she leaned over and gave me a quick hug. We knew each other pretty well since we took a couple of classes together and our older siblings were in high school together, but we never really made a habit to seek each other's presence at school.

"So how is everyone doing? How is Liv and Courts, I hardly see them anymore at parties?" She asked curiously, no doubt looking for a little gossip, Olivia and Courtney were party queens and all that stopped at the beginning of the school year.

"They're taking a break from all the parties, you know how some people get in their senior year," I answered her vaguely hoping that was enough of an answer for her.

"Oh, don't I know it, do you remember how Georgie and Harry used to freak out before midterms?" she asks referring to her sister, Georgiana, and my brother Harry. Someone walked in front of us, making me wait a few seconds before I could answer her.

"Yes! He used to lock himself in his room for hours to study, I honestly don't feel that stressed about senior year though, even though midterms are coming up in a few months," I tell her, shrugging slightly.

"Just you wait," she winked. "So, do you have any colleges in mind? Are you staying in state?"

"I have a couple in mind, and they're all out of state. More towards the east coast, although I have no idea how I'm going to fair in the cold winters," I chuckle thinking about how cold it gets up north on that side of the country.

"That's great! I love the east coast, we went to New York for New Years a few years ago, it was a disaster of with the amount of people there, but it was so much fun. The city is amazing," she gushes, her eyes glazing over slightly, going back to those memories. A girl pushed past her, dressed as what I can only imagine was supposed to be a cat but only sluttier, and accidently stepped on Lily's foot, causing her to squeal in pain. We moved closer to the window, looking out over the backyard where the boys were playing a round of Drunk Waiter.

Nathan had just finished his turn, laughing, and stumbling a bunch of times trying to walk in a straight line with a tray of red solo cups, his best friend Carter Reynolds, who is the swim team captain, beating him by a few seconds. They high-fived each other and started cheering on the next two guys.

"You and Nathan, huh?" Lily asked lightly, watching me watch Nathan.

"Yeah, I guess," I giggled lightly, shrugging, "It's still new though, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

"Well, I'm routing for you both, Chase was an ass, always has been and the fact that he got so mad over you talking to another boy," she sighs, annoyed, "It's just ridiculous. I guess you brought out the best in him but that wasn't your job, you can't change what doesn't want to change," she told me, patting my arm reassuringly. How did she know about Chase? I know it wasn't much of a secret after Olivia let it slip but she's speaking as if she knows everything that happened between us.

"Uh, thank you, did you know Chase?" I ask innocently trying to see where her information is coming from.

"Me? Oh no, I would never be allowed to associate with someone from Westview, I'm a cheerleader, remember?" She asks giggling slightly, taking a sip from her cup. Where was Olivia?

"I better go find Liv, it was great to chat to you Lily," I reach over and hug her gently and she squeezes me back.

I walk through the crowded kitchen where all the drinks are located and find Olivia standing with a few of the football players, laughing about something.

"This is what getting us drinks looks like? You were gone forever," I tell her with a sly smile, shaking my head softly.

"We were just talking about the odds of them making it to State this year," she laughs at the idea of them making State. It's not that they're bad, they're just not that good. The players around start shouting at her playfully and Olivia just laughs louder.

Out of nowhere, Sebastian storms into the room glaring in my direction. What the hell did I do now? He charges over to us, albeit stumbling a few times, and doesn't stop until he's right in front of Olivia, blocking out the football players.

"Seb, what do you wan-?" he cuts her off quickly, grabbing her face and kissing her in front of everyone. I freeze in shock, my eyes becoming the size of saucers.

What the fuck?


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