Chapter 18

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"Maddie, it is not appropriate to ask someone why they are not in a relationship!" I scold Maddie as she jumps out of the car and stands in front of me with a pout on her face.

"Olivia asked first," she argues back pointing at Olivia.

"You know the rule; Olivia is a bad influence and you are not allowed to repeat what she says," I tell her reciting mom and dads' rule since it was impossible for Olivia to not say something inappropriate for more than an hour at a time.

"Is that an actual rule?" Nathan asks climbing out over Maddie's car seat.

"It's the 'Lule', 'Liv Rule' and yes, it's a thing," Olivia explains with a smirk.

"It's nothing to be proud of," I look at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Speak for yourself," Olivia laughs high fiving Tessa. I scowl slightly and roll my eyes.

"It's a mandatory thing since Liv practically lives at our house," Tessa giggles grabbing her skateboard from the trunk.

"And to answer your earlier question, after dating Anna, I needed time to recover," he shivers shaking his head.

"Oh, I heard about that," Olivia bursts out laughing, "did she really bitch slap that freshman girl for allegedly 'flirting' with you when she was actually just asking where the science hallway was?" Olivia can barely keep herself upright. I cringe slightly at his embarrassed face and shove Olivia making her fall on the grass.

"You're horrible," I shake my head in disappointment. Do not laugh, do not laugh.

"Oh please, like you're not dying on the inside," Olivia lays on the grass smirking up at me.

"No, I get it, she was crazy," Nathan laughs.

Olivia still laughing every few seconds looks up at him, "Wasn't she also the one who said that she didn't like you hugging other girls because of the way their boobs hug you?" Olivia cackles loudly barely finishing her sentence. Nathan's face turns red. ( a/n So my bestfriend told me that this happened between her guy friend and his girlfriend, no jokes this girl was crazy! XD)

"That's what you get for dating a psycho," Tessa mumbles skating around in circles on her skateboard. "I thought the guys were right behind us," she looks out in the mostly empty parking lot trying to spot Cole's car.

Maddie walks over to me pulling my leg and pointing to the playground silently asking to go. I turn to Tessa, "We're going to go to the playground now, are you cool skating by yourself for a bit until Seb comes?"

"Do you want me to wait with you?" Nathan asks with a smile.

"Yeah, no worries, I'm all good," Tessa turns her board around and slowly starts skating to the skate park.

"Just remember Stranger Danger, scream and run," Maddie tells her. A rule my dad has instilled in her brain.

"Or I could just punch them in the throat," Tessa shrugs with a wink.

"You are not allowed to hang out with Olivia anymore!" I yell at her back as she bursts out laughing.

"Like that's going to stop her, I am a perfect role model Lottie," Olivia gestures to herself. Why is she still lying on the ground?

"No, you're not," I laugh loudly.

Suddenly a body runs at full speed and falls on top of Olivia completely crushing her. The breath gets knocked out of her as she yells 'what the fuck'. The attacker sits up and laughs apologizing quickly. Idiot.

"I'm sorry Liv I wasn't actually supposed to crush you, I just tripped at the last second and couldn't catch myself," Sebastian tries to explain helping her sit up.

"Dude, I think you crushed my lungs," She wheezes dramatically shoving his face into the grass.

"Stop being so dramatic Grace," Sebastian rolls his eyes playfully while standing up and offering her a hand.

"Can we go now?" Maddie asks stomping her foot on the asphalt.

"Hey, cut out the attitude or we're going straight home," I look her seriously. She mumbles a 'sorry' and looks at the ground. "Okay then, now you can run off I'm right behind you." She smiles and sprints away.

"Well, all I can say now is... tag!" Olivia hits Sebastian's arm lightly and races off to the open field. Sebastian looks a little confused until it registers in his mind what she just did before he starts chasing after her.

"Children," I roll my eyes but smile softly.

"We're going to head over to the skate park now, catch you later Char," Cole smiles salutes me with two fingers and turns away with Zach, who has a slight frown on his face, following along.

"I'll catch up later," Nathan tells them stuffing his hands in his jean pockets. They pause looking at him before shrugging and carrying on down to the skate park. I look over at him confused but he just smiles, "Ready?" I nod my head slowly.

"I know I technically have no reason to tell you this but I just feel like it's the right thing to do. I'm dating someone," I close my eyes waiting for the laughter. He's going to think I think that he likes me now.

"Okay, that's cool, I'm guessing it's Chase Graham?" He asks quietly. I stare at him surprised he's not freaking out on me like he did last time.

"Yup, we had a fight but we worked it out," I shrug not really sure why I'm telling him this. "And you're not going to yell at me this time, are you?"

He chuckles, "No I'm good, I'm trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, we're competitive on the field but it doesn't have to be that way off the field."

"Huh, I wonder who told you that genius piece of information," I smirk, nudging his arm with my elbow.

"Just this really annoying girl, she kind of scares me and her friends are nuts," he smirks back at me as I stare at him with a dropped jaw.

"How dare you! I'm not scary!" I defend myself completely disregarding the thing he said about my friends being crazy. A fact is a fact.

"Well I didn't even know you until recently and when some pisses you off, it looks like you're going to murder that person," he shrugs explaining himself. We reach the playground and I see Maddie has already made a new friend. They run off to the top tower together, giggling away.


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Sammipott xx

Sammipott xx

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