Chapter 21

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"So, he just sat at the table, finished his burger and then left? While you were twenty feet away?" Courtney asks in disbelief.

"Okay, I'm here! I'm sorry I'm late but Taco Bell messed up my order so my dad had to go out of the drive-thru and made me go into the actual restaurant which, might I add was completely embarrassing since I'm wearing my polka dot sweatpants, but that's okay because they gave me a free burrito," Olivia rambles on as she takes a seat at the kitchen table. She holds the burrito in my direction and I eye it for a few seconds debating whether I should take it, before deciding to fuck it and shove half the burrito in my mouth.

"Can I just say that I really don't understand Chase, like he was so sweet when we met him and now that you're actually dating all you guys do is fight," Quinn states dipping her finger in the brownie mix I was stirring.

"I say we kill him, that guy that I mentioned a few weeks ago, is still good to go, he can make it look like an accide-" Olivia starts but I cut her off.

"For the love of God Liv, we are not killing anyone, so can you please stop suggesting it! Who is this guy and how do you know him?" I ask her exasperated.

"You know I can't give away too much information, he would have to kill me then," Olivia explains. Seriously, what the fuck?

"Okay I get that Olivia has some secret tie to the mafia but can we keep on topic here? Why the hell did Zach try and get Tessa to sleep with him?" Courtney asks walking around the kitchen counter in her pjs and fuzzy slippers.

"That was a completely different topic, Court," Quinn rolls her eyes twisting in her chair leaning over the island to grab a piece of my burrito on the counter.

"Maybe so, but still, he's almost eighteen and she's just turned fourteen? And we all know what a jackass he is," Courtney shivers with a disgusted look on her face.

"I think we can all agree on that," I mumble pouring the batter into a dish to put in the oven.

"But back to Chase, I say you call it quits," Court rests her elbows on the counter waiting for my reaction.

"Break up? The fight wasnt that bad," I put the bowl covered in batter and place four spoons on the counter as we all start cleaning out the bowl.

"Agreed, the fight wasn't that bad, but he didn't come after you to work it out when you were both sitting in the food court, he sat there, ate his burger, and then left. He could have come over at any time and you could have worked it out there and then," Court explains not breaking eye contact.

"And he didn't follow you after you fought at the party either, he just let you go, and him calling your name once does not count as trying," Olivia reminds us of the party a few weeks ago.

My heart slowly starts sinking at the points they're making, because I know they're right. All we've been doing these past few weeks is fighting and ignoring each other because everything I do, he doesn't like. I mean I shouldn't be so attached we've only been together for two months, for crying out loud.

"You don't need to decide now," Quinn grabs my hand and squeezes it softly, "We've given our two cents but obviously, the decision is yours and we will be here for whatever you decide." Olivia and Courtney both nod their heads in agreement.

"Girls, I couldn't help but overhear," my eavesdropping mother says as she walks into the kitchen, concern flashing in her eyes.

"Liar," I cough. She gives me a little grin in return.

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