Chapter 32

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Hey Everyone! Halloween costumes for the characters are at the bottom of the chapter! Enjoy!

Unedited, sorry I just really wanted to get a chapter out for you guys.


"It's Halloween tomorrow," Olivia dances around the hallway as we walk to our lockers. Tomorrow night is Halloween and its Freddie's Halloween party. The school has been a buzz the whole week about it. When Olivia first asked me about going I was a little indifferent about it but now that I have a date I'm a little more excited. "I can't believe you're ditching me for Nate," Olivia rolls her eyes dramatically in a playful way.

"Oh, please, like you would ever let me ditch you," I laugh loudly as she shrugs in agreement.

"We are going to have the most badass costumes of the night!" She yells in excitement, pumping her fist in the air. We stop by her locker and she digs through it, looking for her class books.

"I think you meant me, Grace, 'Sebastian will have the most badass costume of the night', thank you very much," he walks over to us from across the hallway where a bunch of his friends were standing before class starts.

"Why are you here? You never used to interact with me in school before and now suddenly you're everywhere," I go off at him since this has been on my mind for the last few weeks, last school year he never wanted to even associate with me, now it's like we're best friends.

"Geez, calm down sis, it's just that we have mutual friends now so I figured I had to interact with you more," he shrugs leaning against the lockers next to me.

"I'll accept your answer but I'm still suspicious," I widen my eyes as I stare at him for a few moments trying to intimidate him. It doesn't hold.

"You look weird when you do that," he states tired.

"Your face looks weird," I retort sticking my tongue out at him.

"Your hair looks weird," He claps back quickly.

"Your life looks weird."

"Your ancestors look weird."

"We have the same ancestors, idiot," I tell him laughing. Olivia shakes her head at us, hearing the same structure of argument we've used since we could talk. (A/N my siblings and I still do this and we're all adults now XD.)

We bicker for a few more moments when I feel someone standing behind me, I look over my shoulder and smile when I see Nathan lingering behind me with a grin on his face.

"Hey," he greets us hugging me from the side, and I hug him back.

"Hi," I reply softly, Olivia and Sebastian fake gag at us with teasing smiles on their faces.

"So, are you guys excited for Freddie's party tomorrow?" He asks leaning against the lockers next to Sebastian.

"Yes, the girls and I are going to look so awesome!" Olivia raves to Nathan with an excited smile on her face.

"And who is taking Maddie trick-or-treating?" I ask, remembering the argument they were having last week about this.

"We're both going to take her, and then split the earnings," Sebastian replies fist bumping Olivia. Earnings? They're not even doing anything.

"And then we will be back by like 7pm and then go to the party at 8-ish," Olivia explains shutting her locker, turning to face us.

"And I'm picking you guys up at 8pm?" Nathan asks. Since we're all going to the same party, and Nathan has a big SUV, he offered to take my siblings and the girls with us.

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