Chapter 20

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"Hey babe," Chase walks over to me, hugging me tightly. I mumble a 'hi' and peck him softly, smiling. "So, I was thinking we could grab something to eat before we watch the movie." I nod my head in agreement and we set off towards the food court in the mall. He holds my hand tightly pushing through the crowds of people spread out around the mall. Why is it so crowded? I bump into a bunch of, what looks like, sophomores and they sneer at me. Fucking teenagers.

"How was your week?" I ask leaning into him slightly.

"Pretty good, Coach has been drilling us for the last conditioning practice until spring, he wants us to keep at the batting cages until then, like all we focus on is baseball, I still need to graduate," he chuckles rolling his eyes because of his coach.

"Yeah, Seb's coach is the same, it's like he thinks that the guys don't play other sports when it's not baseball season. And he still wants them to play friendly games with other schools, he's lucky we live in a state that doesn't get cold during the winter," I scoff thinking that these coaches need to focus on other stuff.

"Well, that's what happens when you make varsity," he grins down at me.

"Well, it's annoying," I grin back. He laughs pulling us into the food court area.

"And how was your week?" He asks after ordering two cheeseburgers with fries. We move into the crowded seating area finding some seats. He spots a small table further away and I take some wipes out of my bag and start wiping the table down.

"Mine was okay, Zach has been extremely annoying, he tried to get Tess to sleep with him, how crazy is that?" I ask rambling on about the last week.

"Zach? Blackwood? What are you doing hanging out with him?" Chase asks confused.

"He's co-captain of the baseball team, Seb has been hanging out with them every chance he gets, I think he's trying to impress them or something, they're literally at the house all the time," I roll my eyes playfully.

"All of them?" He asks slightly annoyed.

"No, not all of them just most of them that Seb has become friends with," I reply not really catching on to his frustration.

"Like Ward?"

"Ward? You mean Nathan? Yeah, he's usually there, he's actually quite nice. He was kind of an ass when I first met him, so I was a complete bitch whenever he tried to apologize and now we're cool, he's even great with Maddie, and we all know how high maintenance she is," I chuckle trying to diffuse the tension.

"He's met Maddie?" He asks a little shocked.

"Well, yeah, if he's at the house all the time, then obviously, he's met everyone, except Harry because he's only due home next month," I explain.

"So, Ward has met almost your whole family but I haven't met any of them yet," he states finally looking me in the eye with a pissed off expression.

"Okay, Nathan, is not my friend, he's Sebastian's friend, so I didn't decide whether he could meet my family or not," I argue back getting annoyed with his behavior.

"And you're hanging out with him too?" He raises an eyebrow. I narrow my eyes at him.

"Do you not trust me? Is that what this is? You're jealous of Nathan? He's just a friend, why can't girls be friends with guys and not have a relationship?" I throw my hands in the air getting worked up.

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