Chapter 45

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"Why are we wearing black?" I ask Olivia as we walk around looking for her contact.

"Because we're supposed to be incognito, we're on a mission," Olivia whispers harshly, almost walking into a plant.

"We're in a mall, Liv, and its noon," I give her a deadpan expression as I dodge a group of little girls running past us.

"I want the vibe of James Bond, okay?" she argues back, pulling her beanie I little lower on her head. I roll my eyes with a smile on my face. "Did you talk to Nate at school the rest of this week?"

"Yeah, he's been super busy with baseball conditioning and studying for midterms, so we haven't really had any alone time."

"So, he didn't tell you anything about Liam from school?" She asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Liam... Jones? What about him?" I ask her about one of the popular seniors at school.

"Oh, nothing, he just said something to Nate the other day at gym class and Nathan was upset about it," she shrugs nonchalantly. Okay then...

"Were the leather jackets necessary?" I ask looking at our matching black leather jackets in the stuffy mall. It may be the beginning of December, but the malls are always so stuffy and hot.

"Hello, we look badass!" She exclaims, gesturing wildly to the both of us.

"You make a good point," I concede, taking my phone out of my pocket and reading a text Nathan sent me about hanging out with his friends today. "Where are we meeting this guy anyway?"

"At Starbucks," she replies distractedly looking at her phone and typing something down.

"Starbucks? Why the hell couldn't I have worn regular clothes if we're meeting him at Starbucks?" I ask her, confused.

"Because I told you I wanted the James Bond vibe for this mission," she groans like I'm the idiot.

"But if we want to be incognito, as you put it, shouldn't we be dressed normal, since we look like idiots in a mall!" I nudge her arm roughly, pointing out our black boots and her black beanie including the black gloves I shoved into my pockets as soon as we walked into the mall.

She huffs out a breath and we carry on making our way to the Starbucks. People give us odd looks as we walk by but Olivia doesn't notice them and keeps walking straight with a determined look on her face.

"How will we know that it's him?" I ask as we get to the door of the packed Starbucks, I move to stand in line. Hey, if I'm at a Starbucks and its winter, I am getting my Peppermint Mocha.

"He's got a laptop with him," she answers, scanning the store.

"Yeah, because no one ever goes to a Starbucks with their laptop," I answer sarcastically. I hear her mutter curses at me as I order us some drinks.

"He also is wearing a red flannel," she snaps, getting annoyed with my whiny behavior.

"It's December, who isn't wearing a red flannel?" I ask with a laugh but she doesn't comment back and instead narrows her eyes at something in the corner.

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