Chapter 54

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Everything happens for a reason.

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Dinner is announced and we all make our way outside to a marquee (outside tent) that has been set up for everyone to have dinner in. Each table has nametags on them and I find mine near the front of the room along with the rest of my family's and the girls.

"Hell yes, a whole dinner without sitting at the same table as my parents? Fucking score," Courtney whispers to us as we take our seats.

"Double swear jar for saying two bad words," Maddie tries to whisper, but the excitement in her voice overpowers the quiet.

"That is not fair, I didn't know you were there," Courtney whines, pulling out a twenty and handing it over. Maddie's eyes widen in mischief but all she does is nod her head and walk over to her chair.

Olivia's mouth is open in shock as she gestures to Maddie skipping to the other side of the round table. "What is wrong with you? The swear jar is only five dollars per bad word! You just gave her double the money for it," Olivia complains to Courtney, with wide eyes, outraged.

"I didn't have change," Courtney shrugs nonchalantly.

"I would have driven to a gas station just to get change, you are ridiculous," Olivia hisses at her.

"Where's Seb?" Quinn asks as she sits down in her designated seat, Lilly following closely behind.

Olivia gestures to the very front of the room next to, what looks like, the main table filled with Nathan's relatives. "He's up front with the rest of the team, they have their own table."

"More importantly, where have you been? We have been looking for you for over an hour," Courtney scolds her, standing up from her chair to hug Lilly tightly.

"We got stuck with Mrs. Layden, she wouldn't let us leave, and she was a lot meaner than usual," Quinn groans, leaning her head-on Lilly's shoulder.

"Yeah, that was my bad," Olivia raises her hand but she doesn't look like she regrets her actions.

The rest of my family slowly starts to join us at the table starting with Sophie, who is laughing at something one of the younger kids said to her as they take a picture together and then break apart to take their seats. Tessa sits down next to me and immediately grabs her napkin, wiping the excess chocolate off the corners of her mouth. "What did I miss?"

"Me doing the best damn inspirational speech there ever was," Olivia leans back in her chair with a smirk on her face. "I swear to God I'm the next Dr. Phil."

"I told you to call me if there was drama!" Tessa replies outraged, throwing her hands out in front of her.

"Settle down, little one, I'll give you a full reenactment later," Olivia winks playfully.

Tessa rolls her eyes, laughing lightly, and looks around at everyone scattered throughout the marquee. "There's like sixty people here tonight, is him getting into college really that big of a deal?"

"He got into Vanderbilt, Tess. It's like, one of the best schools for baseball players," I inform her. She nods her head in understanding and continues to look around the room.

"Hello my darlings," My mom says as her and my dad take their seats, completing our table. "How come you three are not sitting with your family's?" She asks gesturing to Quinn, Courtney, and Lilly.

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