Chapter 13

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"Girls Night Out! Girls Night Out!" Olivia runs into my room and jumps onto my bed, winking at me. I laugh and look back in the mirror making sure there is no marks or fluff on my skinny jeans and t-shirt. Quinn and Courtney walk into my room and make themselves comfortable; we're all dressed the same since it's just a relaxing fun night out. I grab my over-the-shoulder bag, all of us walk out of my bedroom into the hallway. We hear another door open further down the hallway and Sophie walks out dressed a lot better than us in her cute dress.

"Damn girl! You look gorgeous," Olivia walks up to Sophie taking her hand and making her twirl.

"Thanks Liv, Courtney actually picked it out yesterday," Sophie looks at Courtney gratefully who just smirks and basks in her creation.

"Are you nervous?" Quinn asks as we walk down the stairs towards the loud chatter coming from the living room. Ugh who is here now?

"Oh, just heads up, Sebastian has his friends over," Olivia mentions slowing down before we walk into the next room. Sophie pauses for a split second before shaking her head slightly as if she's getting the thought out of her head and carries on walking.

We walk into the living room and see the boys sitting on the couch eating like pigs and watching a pre-recorded baseball game. Logan looks over at us and waves slightly with a smile.

"Hey guys," I say walking over to Sebastian and hitting his feet so he would make room for me to sit on the couch. Olivia walks over and sits in-between us and lifting her feet onto Sebastian, who just places his hands on her legs.

Sophie walks into the room and sits right on my lap, I groan dramatically. "What time is he coming?"

"He should be here in a few minutes," she speaks lowly looking at the time on her phone.

"Who?" Sebastian asks keeping his eyes on the television.

"No one you have to worry about," Sophie replies in a clipped tone.

"Whatever," he shrugs. I glance over at Cole and see him quickly focus back on the television screen acting as if I didn't just catch him listening in on our conversation. I roll my eyes at my siblings' attitude with each other. My parents don't even understand what is going on but they put me in charge of sorting it out since I'm 'young and get teenagers'. Yeah thanks mom.

The doorbell rings and all of us girls jump up and sprint to the door. Courtney stands in front of Sophie and fluffs her hair up a bit and makes sure there are no wrinkles in her dress. Once she gives a head nod that she's complete we run behind the corner wall in the living room so that we are out of the way but can still hear everything that's going on. Sophie opens the door and Aidan is standing there in his dark jeans and white V-neck.

"What are you doing?" Sebastian asks from behind us, making us jump and I shove him back into the living room. Now I've missed their whole introduction! Sophie is blushing at whatever he said. He smiles at her and they leave the house hand in hand walking down the driveway to his car.

"What the fuck, is that Aidan Cross? Why the hell is Soph leaving the house with him? Who even let him on our property?" Sebastian starts walking to the front door enraged when I grab his arm and start pulling it back so that Aidan and Sophie can at least get a head start out of the driveway before my brother comes barrelling out the front door. Move faster slow pokes!

"Hey back up!" Olivia pokes a finger on his chest making him move backwards. "Calm down," she says calmly. Footsteps echo in the foyer, Logan, James and Cole join us slowly trying to understand the situation.

"She can't go out with him, he's the enemy!" Sebastian explains to Olivia who just rolls her eyes.

"No, he's your enemy, and you are enemies with everyone that isn't your friend," she retorts condescendingly.

"Seriously Seb it's time to grow up," Courtney remarks.

"This is like a complete betrayal," Sebastian mumbles.

"You don't want her to date guys that you don't like, you don't want her to date your friends, so what do you want?" By the end of that question I'm laughing sarcastically in his face. "Sebastian I love you, I do but you need to stop this pissy shit that you keep pulling when you don't get your way. News flash, you're one of six, someone would think you would learn to share your shit by now. You don't get to be mad at only your sister when your best friend was just as involved in their relationship as she was, if you're going to be pissed at least be mad at both of them!" I'm on a roll when I turn my face to Cole, "And you should have manned up and fought for the girl," I look back at Sebastian, "I have tried for weeks not to choose sides but this is me choosing sides, I choose Sophie because you're just acting like an asshole."

Sebastian closes his mouth and just blankly stares at me. I scoff and turn away from him, walking out of the house to my car. I breathe deeply thinking over everything I just screamed at him. I hear footsteps slowly walking across the driveway towards me, I huff a breath waiting for the reprimanding.

"Pissy shit? Really?" I look up and see my mom standing a few feet in front of me. "You could have come up with something better at least," she chuckles lightly leaning against my car next to me.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" I ask with a small smile. She just shrugs with a smile. "You don't understand mom. He needed that reprimanding, it's ridiculous for him to act like a two-year-old that doesn't want to share. That whole drama between them is so pathetic, like it happened it's over, Soph broke up with Cole because she didn't want Sebastian to hate her for dating his best friend. Why does he still have to rehash everything?"

"Well he does have to compete with 4 other sisters and the fact that he's a twin," my mom looks out over the front garden. "I guess Cole was the only thing he felt like he didn't have to share with Soph and all of you."

"Mom, Sophie broke up with Cole because she felt guilty for going behind Seb's back, but she's the one to get the backlash for it and Cole remains his best friend. I just don't get it," I shrug frustrated.

"Honey, boys never make much sense, but you have to look at it from both sides; his twin sister and best friend had a secret relationship for over three months, those are the two most important people to him. Don't look at me like that, yes, we're all important to him but Soph is his literal other half, and he's had Cole since he was in 3rd Grade. The way he is acting is stupid and childish, but it's no use screaming at him to understand when he doesn't want to. He has to figure it out by himself," my mom hugs me from the side and I rest my head on her shoulder.

"Well then we're screwed," I mumble.

"You have such confidence in your brother," she laughs loudly. "Okay, you need to go out and make sure that that boy is a gentleman to your sister," she elbows my side lightly.

"You know about that?" I look at her with wide eyes, shocked by how she knew what we had planned to do.

"You do know who raised you right?" She smirks walking backwards into the house with a wink.


Update!! So I have my best friend here visiting me for a week and she started pointing out all the similarities between her and my character Olivia... I so did not plan that!

But now we understand the whole drama between Sebastian and Sophie, what did we think?


Sammipott xx

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