Chapter 36

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"This is not fair, why do you two get to have boyfriends and I don't?" Courtney complains while we sit at our lunch table on Monday.

"Oh please, you're just being petty, Court," Olivia smirks setting her tray on the table.

"You are damn right I am! I have been cheated in life, this is bull," Courtney rolls her eyes, stealing a couple of fries from Olivia's tray.

"Um, hello? I don't have a boyfriend," Quinn raises her hand slightly.

"Yeah, but you're Quinn," Courtney replies as if that statement makes sense. I roll my eyes at Courtney's reply.

"Gee, thanks Courts... bitch," she mumbles under her breath hoping we wouldn't hear. Olivia and I curl over from laughing and look at Courtney's face; she looks like she can't believe that Quinn just uttered those words to her.

Olivia stands up slightly and high fives Quinn with a grin on her face.

"Anyway, we have more pressing matters to attend to," my tone is serious, so that they all calm down and give me their undivided attention. "The twins' birthdays are coming up this November in like, two weeks, and I was thinking a surprise party, thoughts?"

"Oh, my god, yes!" Courtney squeals loudly.

"Sure, sounds fun," Quinn shrugs with a distant expression.

"I'll help plan it," Olivia offers with a smile. We all stare at her quietly, a little shocked at her offering to help plan something.

"I'll tell Tessa she can invite some of her friends and then I'll ask mom and dad if they want to invite anyone too, we can make it a big thing at the house, maybe I could get Harrison to come home for the weekend?" I think aloud, trying to plan everything out. (A/N so basically that's the joke with Harry's nickname being Harold, because his full name is actually Harrison but everyone immediately thinks Harold when they hear his name.)

"Oh god, not Harry," Olivia whines.

"It's his siblings' birthday and he's my brother, deal with it," I push her shoulder lightly at her exaggeration.

I could see Sebastian walking towards our lunch table with a grin on his face, his friends standing a few feet away kicking a soccer ball to each other. Olivia couldn't see him but judging by the scowl on Courtney's face, she definitely could. As he walks closer Courtney puts a hand in the air stopping him from approaching the table.

"Nope, fuck off, lunchtime is girl time," Courtney shoos him away with her hand and I laugh loudly. He looks at her with a hurt expression on his face.

"You guys are always so mean to me," he rolls his eyes, flipping off Courtney. He leans down and kisses Olivia quickly, resulting in Courtney and me making disgusted noises.

"Oh, come on, we don't want to see that," I whine turning my head away, annoyed.

"So, what are you girls doing?" He asks sitting at the table.

"Waiting for you to leave," Courtney replies nonchalantly, looking at her nails. Well we do need to plan the party, so she's technically not wrong.

"Damn Courtney, what's up your ass this morning?" Sebastian stuck his tongue out at her immaturely.

"Nothing, I'm just allergic to mushy couples, I break out into hives, it's not pretty, you should run while you can," she says with a dramatic groan.

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