Chapter 28

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A few hours go by and still no sign of any parents coming outside. My mom did text me making sure that everyone was alive so far but nothing else. Sebastian and the guys were all playing baseball with a tennis ball and a plastic bat that Courtney had found in the garage. Summer is standing to the side cheering them on. Ugh. I know Sophie left a while ago, one of her cheerleading friends picked her up and Tessa is inside with the younger kids watching movies, but I haven't seen Harry for a while now, he probably ditched to hang out with friends his own age.

Olivia, Courtney, Quinn, and I are sitting on the lounge chairs next to the pool, sharing a family sized bag of m&m's. There's a few other teens scattered across the lawn, either relaxing or watching the boys play.

"Okay, one more time," I tell Quinn as she grabs another m&m and throws it at me. I catch it in my mouth and we all laugh with a cheer.

"So, what are we dressing up as for Halloween? You realize it's less than two weeks away, right?" Courtney asks leaning forward to grab a handful of m&m's from the bag next to Olivia.

"I have dibs on Deadpool!" Olivia shouts raising her hand in the air.

"You're going as Deadpool?" Courtney asks confused.

"Damn right I am, I already have my costume," Olivia grins proudly.

"I'm going as Tinkerbell," Quinn pipes up.

"Well I'm going as Wednesday Adams," Courtney replies with a smile.

"I'm going as a medieval assassin," I smile.

"Yes, that is badass!" Olivia high fives me.

I'm about to thank her when the back-gate slams shut loudly, causing us to look over. Zach stumbles through, looking around the yard until his eyes land on Olivia. Fuck.

A few of the other teens in the yard look over at Zach, but the boys playing baseball haven't noticed him yet.

"You little slut!" Zach shouts as he gets closer, his words are slurring slightly. Olivia looks around in confusion, not understanding what she's done wrong. "What, I won't fuck you anymore, so you have to tell everyone all this shit about me?" He shouts walking up to her.

"What the hell are you talking about Zach?" Olivia feigns disinterest, trying to keep up a strong front.

"Oh, really? Like you weren't the person to send out all the screenshots that you got from other girls!" He yells back sarcastically.

"I didn't send out shit!" Olivia argues back, standing up, in front of his face.

I'm freaking out when I look over and notice that the boys have stopped playing and some of them are walking over, Sebastian practically sprints next to Nathan.

It happens so fast I don't even think before I'm pushing Olivia out of the way and I'm standing in front of Zach as he lifts his fist to hit her. Hitting me instead.

I fall backwards from the force of the hit, feeling excruciating pain in my cheek. Quinn and Courtney catch me before I fall to the ground and hoist me back onto my feet. Blind rage surges through me as I plant my feet steady and swing my right fist at Zach's face, effectively hitting him square in the face. He falls to the ground, less from the force and probably more so from the shock, nearly hitting his head on one of the lounge chairs. Nathan and Sebastian pounce on him simultaneously; Nathan grabbing his shirt by the collar and pulling his face up to him, raising his fist to strike. Sebastian stands over him ready for any sudden movements.

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