Chapter 48

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Unedited as per usual. I stayed up until 1am to finish this chapter, I'm exhausted, goodnight.


Christmas was as good as it could be this year. As per family traditions we stayed in our pajamas all day Christmas Day and ate until we couldnt move. My grandmother made her famous crepes and Sebastian and Harry ate so many that they had to lie down for a bit or they would vomit. Presents were exchanged and Nathan had even called me to wish me a merry Christmas, even though we were both unsure of what was happening between us now. We mutually agreed to not mention any of the issues that are going on right now over the phone, because we didn't want to start a fight.

We spoke for almost an hour until we concluded that we would talk face-to-face at Derek Shaw's New Year's Party tonight. It was the most anticipated party since the start of high school. The twins were coming with along with the girls, and maybe Quinn if she was up to it. I still hadn't been able to see her since that night but we've talked over the phone a couple of times and she sounds a lot better.

"Okay kids have fun!" My mom shouts out dramatically as the twins and I leave the car with grimaces. She is so embarrassing. "If any of you puke on any of my shit at home, all three of you will be cleaning the entire house."

The students scattered around the lawn, laugh loudly at our mother which makes us practically sprint to the front door of Derek Shaw's house.

"Love you, my precious babies!"

"Remind me why we let her drive us?" Sophia hisses next to us, dodging a puff of smoke from some random guy.

"Because I didn't want to leave my car here if I got sloshed," I explain, shoving Sebastian before he steps on my foot.

"You know she does that on purpose, just to torture us," Sebastian laughs at our mother's antics.

"I'm glad that you're enjoying this," Sophia remarks sarcastically.

He laughs louder, slapping hands with guys as we walk through the house. Okay, Mr. Popular. "Babe!" We all turn to the voice and see Aidan standing near the kitchen with two drinks in his hands.

Sophia bids us farewell and practically sprints over to Aidan, jumping in his arms with a grin. Aidan even cracks a smile and hugs her close, trying not to spill the drinks.

I find myself smiling at them. "Ugh, gross." I snap my head at Sebastian's stupid brother response and smack him behind the head.

"Don't be an ass, she's happy," I scold him, looking back at the couple.

"Yeah, well, it's still weird, okay?"

"Don't start this shit with me, Seb, you will lose," I warn him, hoping he's not reverted to his possessive ways.

"I'm not, seeing my sisters with anyone is weird. Like can you imagine Tessa getting a boyfriend? And we all know he's going to be some kickboxing, sporty guy, I can't kick his ass, he'll kick mine first."

I roll my eyes at his stupid imagination and walk towards the back porch where we're meeting our friends.

"Hey Char, you know I love you, right?" Sebastian says randomly, causing me to stop and look at him for a minute.

"Are you high?" I chuckle, stopping us in the kitchen to grab a drink.

"I'm serious, just that you were so chill with Liv and I, it made me realize how much I was a dick about Soph and Cole," he scratches the back of his neck.

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