Chapter 58

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The guys separate from each other, each team to one side, and I see Sebastian speaking to Cole quietly. Nathan kisses the top of my head before moving over to them, discussing the game plan.

"Is this really necessary?" Courtney asks, rolling her eyes, "Why can't they just piss on things to mark their territory, this is stupid," she folds her arms, and watches the scene around us. Some partygoers are confused by all the commotion but this isn't one of those moments when the whole school waits in anticipation for this game, this is a party; half of them are already drunk and the rest are completely uninterested in what is happening around them.

"Char, I thought you said you and Chase got closure," Quinn says, holding Lilly's hand tightly as the crowd dances around us. Olivia distances herself from the guys and moves over to us.

I shrug helplessly, "I did, we did... I think." I look over at Chase and his friends in confusion. "I don't even know why they're here."

"Well, let's find out," Olivia gestures for me to go ahead first as we slowly but confidently walk up to them, with Olivia next to me and Courtney, Quinn, and Lilly behind us.

"Chase," I call to him as he looks over at us with a smirk.

"Hey Char, what's up?" he asks with a relaxed smile.

"Cut the crap, Graham, why are you here?" Olivia cuts him off, glaring at him.

"Nice to see you too Liv," he chuckles, looking back at Jackson, his best friend.

I push in front of Olivia and stare at Chase, "What is going on? I thought we were over this?" I ask in a hard tone, annoyed.

"Believe it or not, Charlie," I scowl at the nickname, "Not everything is about you," he nods his head over to Nathan and the boys, a few more of the team has emerged from the party. Nathan, feeling my gaze on him, turns to look at me. His face is blank as he sees who I am talking to but when he meets my eyes, he still smiles, winking at me before turning back to his team.

"Seriously? Why couldn't you have waited for baseball season?" I groan, annoyed even more now, "You had to crash my party over a petty rivalry?"

"There are some things that you girls wouldn't understand," Chase replies condescendingly.

My eyes blaze with fury as I get up in his face, "You are a fucking pig." He smirks down at me and raises an eyebrow playfully. This is all a game to him.

"Everyone's entitled to act stupid once in a while, but you really abuse the privilege, Chase," Courtney replies, looking at her nails, showing her lack of interest.

He scowls at her and Jackson moves to stand next to him, smiling genuinely at us.

"Jackass," Olivia greets him impassively.

"Hey, Liv, how's Izzy?" He asks nonchalantly.

"She's good. Have you lost any poker games lately?" She asks innocently, a smirk gracing her face.

He laughs loudly, saluting us before turning back to his friends. Chase looks confused but turns back to me, "Don't forget to cheer loudly for me from the sidelines," he winks, moving away from us.

"Break a leg!" Olivia yells at his back, he turns back to us with a smile as she flips him off, "Seriously, break a leg," she smiles sarcastically.

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