Chapter 37

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"Okay, who spiked the adults punch bowl?" I yell, glaring at the adults standing outside on the patio of our house.

My mom and some her friends look around innocently and my father shrugs his shoulders telling me that one of us teenagers was more likely to do it. Have you met your wife, old man?

I roll my eyes and stare pointedly at my mom mouthing the words 'Shame' at her, I turn away and walking back into our crowded house, thankfully the kitchen was empty and we hadnt brought out the punch bowl yet.

Quinn is standing next to the punch bowl, writing 'Adults Only' in sharpie on a piece of paper and sticking it onto the bowl, before carrying it in my direction; passing me to put it on the patio where the parents are going to be for the night.

"Char! Someone ate all the KitKats!" Maddie runs over to me, hysterical. God, if only my greatest trouble in life was not enough chocolate.

"Mads we have tons of chocolate in the kitchen, why don't you go grab a couple and hide them for later?" I tell her crouching in front of her, stroking her hair gently. She nods her head quickly and turns around, running away before I can get another word out.

The living room has been rearranged to fit all our guests. Olivia and Aidan were tasked to keep the twins busy for the afternoon, so they decided to go on a double date for the first time. I can't wait to hear how that went.

Since I was the one who came up with the idea of this surprise party; my parents wanted no pressure in planning it so they left it up to me.

"Char, where do you want this table?" Harry walks over, gesturing to the table that a couple of his friends are standing in front of. When I had asked Harry to come he tortured me until I agreed that he could bring a few of his friends in return. It's not like it's his siblings or anything...

"Just put it outside for now," I wave them outside, and shuffle through the house making sure everything was set up properly. Tessa and the friends she had invited were standing around throwing balloons at each other, laughing and joking around.

Courtney was standing by the door watching out for Aidan's car that was bound to show up at any minute since Olivia texted us.

People were milling about around the house with strict instructions to shut up as soon as Courtney told them to. Cole stood with all of Sebastian's friends holding a bunch of silly string, ready to attack. Nathan wasn't here yet, he had texted a while ago that he got held up and would be running a few minutes late. His parents were already here, though, Katherine being one of my mom's friends that probably (definitely) spiked their punch bowl like a bunch of teenagers.

Lily and the other cheerleaders were all dressed up for this casual party and they all stood out completely. I had asked Lily last week if she would beg Georgie to come because I think it would be great for Harry and Georgie to see each other again, and she promised she would do her best to get her here. Georgie hadn't shown up yet but Lily told me she wanted to show up fashionably late, as per usual Georgie.

The door opens and a lot of people panic looking over at the front door, making sure it's not the twins and we had all missed it. Courtney was shushing everyone telling them it's just another guest coming in.

My heart sinks a little when I see Summer Price walk in with a bright smile on her face, holding onto Nathan's arm. Courtney looks a little shocked but she raises her eyebrow subtly and waves them in. My eyes widen as he starts to look around the room and I duck behind a corner, running back into the kitchen.

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