Bonus Christmas Chapter

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Merry Christmas Everyone!


"Lottie, wake up, it's Christmas!" I wake up with a start and hear banging on my door. I groan loudly and pull the pillow over my face. I lift it up slightly and look at the time on my phone. Six am, are you serious?

I jump up with a start as my door slams open. Sebastian strolls in, running his hands through his messed up hair. I sit up and glare at him, "What was that for?"

"She literally jumped on me to wake me up, you got off lightly," he yawns loudly. I roll my eyes and climb out of bed, walking to my vanity and brushing my hair quickly.

"Where is everyone else?" I ask, not hearing Maddie running around up here.

"They're already downstairs, we were the heavy sleepers," he grins, ruffling up my just brushed hair. I smack his chest hard. Jackass.

I leave the bedroom and Sebastian shuffle back to his to grab the annoying Christmas pajama shirt we're forced to wear every year. I will complain as loudly as I want but it's still kind of fun all these years later.

"Merry Christmas everyone," I mumble walking into the living room where the mountain of presents are placed under the tree.

"Wow, don't sound too enthusiastic," my mom laughs, holding Maddie in her lap and sitting next to the Christmas tree.

I sit next to Sophie and lean my head on her shoulder.

"Come on, little one," Sebastian's voice carries down the stairs as he walks into the room with Tessa hanging over his shoulder, scowling at the ground.

"Why can't Santa come at like, two in the afternoon or something? Can't we enforce a rule about not getting out of bed before nine am? Can we do that?" Tessa complains as Sebastian throws her onto the sofa.

"Teenagers are fun," Aunt Jenna remarks with a laugh, bouncing a giggling Baby Josh on her knee. Abigail and Maddie take turns handing out presents around the room.

We spend the morning opening our presents, and dad's present to mom was definitely the winner.

"You're taking me to the Bahamas?" My mom asks shocked, staring at the tickets in her hand.

"Two weeks, no kids," he replies with a relaxed grin.

"I knew there was a reason I married you," my mother smirks, leaning up from the floor to kiss my dad.

Sebastian, Sophie, Tessa and I all exchange equally excited looks. Harry rolls his eyes at us, knowing exactly what we're thinking since he used to do the same thing.

My grandmother gets up from the armchair and heads to the kitchen to start her famous crepes for breakfast. Grandpa Joe sits with Abigail, helping her with the remote controlled car she got.

Maddie is forcing Harry and Sebastian to help set up her new castle tent she got from Santa.

"That piece goes over here, genius," Harry snatches a plastic bar out of Sebastian's hands and sticks it into the right place.

"You're the one who won't let me read the freaking instructions," Sebastian complains, ripping the instructions out of Harry's hands.

Sophie and I laugh at the two of them arguing in matching pajamas. She turns to me with a soft smile, "So, how is Quinn doing?" She asks quietly.

I sigh, "She's okay," I don't offer up much since I don't really know anything myself.

The adults all head into the kitchen to help Grandma and Sophie offers to take Baby Josh for Aunt Jenna.

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