Chapter 26

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Hi Everyone! I decided to put the girls' outfit choices for this chapter just to get an understanding each of their styles.


Harry decides to stay for the whole week, claiming that he didnt have any important lectures going on since it was football week at his college, whatever the hell that means. Ellie was especially excited to see Harry since he was always her favorite growing up. Dad and Harry haven't always had the best relationship, they more tolerate each other than anything; probably since Harry heard all these amazing stories about dad in high school and college and immediately decided that he wanted to be nothing like him, meanwhile dad had every activity queued up for Harry for the rest of his life.

It's Friday and we all were invited to a barbeque at the Easton's (Courtney's) house for dinner and knowing her mother, it would look more like a fancy dinner party, than just a regular outdoor barbeque.

The parents and Maddie take one car and the rest of us squeeze into my car with Sebastian driving, god knows I will never let Harry touch my steering wheel. My knees' swelling has finally gone down all the way and it doesn't hurt that bad when I walk around.

We park on the curb in front of Courtney's house and jump out of the car to join our parents at the front door.

"Why do I have to be here?" Harry whines, scuffling up the walkway.

"Stop being a baby, you're worse than Maddie," Sophie rolls her eyes.

"Yeah, come on, Harold, this is going to be fun," Sebastian wraps his arm around his shoulder, shaking him. Harry rolls his eyes in response.

"If I have to be tortured by being here, so do you," my mother threatens pointing her finger at Harry.

We all stand in a clump at the doorstep as my mom rings the doorbell. Meredith Easton opens the door with flurry and proceeds to great every one of us with a dainty handshake. You would think after knowing her for more than 10 years we would be upgraded to a hug by now.

"Meredith, it is so lovely to see you again," my mother and Meredith kiss each other on the cheeks and we all move into the foyer. Us six kids stroll into the pristine kitchen that is dotted with many guests from all over the neighborhood. I spot Quinn right away with her mom and younger sister, Hope. I walk up to them with a bright smile on my face.

"Why does it feel like they invited the whole town over?" I ask leaning my head on Quinn's shoulder.

"Probably because they did, darling," Quinn's mother, Kerry brushes some hair out of my face. I groan loudly.

"I don't understand why they call it a barbeque when we all have to dress up and there isn't even a barbeque in sight, not one!" I complain loudly. Quinn pats my head as she mumbles 'let it out' softly.

"Help me, my mom is trying to set me up with Trent Paisley from the Debate Team," Courtney shuffles over to us with a grimace on her face as she looks at all the entrances to this room so she can hide from her mother.

"Trent Paisley? Wasn't he the one who sent dick pics to most of the girls in our class in tenth grade?" I shudder at the memory of my innocence being tarnished forever from that picture. Quinn's mom blocks Hope's ears and mumbles about getting a snack far away from our conversation.

"And Olivia sent them out to everyone else, claiming that it was a social experiment, so she wouldn't get in trouble," Courtney giggles remembering. Olivia still got suspended but it was a pretty damn good excuse to claim that the other girls would feel left out because he had only sent the pictures to our English class.

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