Chapter 55

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The party goes on after our moment is over. I'm still wrapped in his arms with my hands curled around the back of his neck. He looks down at me with a grin and I smile back at him. A flash goes off making me jump in fright and look over in the direction it came from.

Katherine and my mom were cooing over the picture one of them had just taken, and I roll my eyes at their behavior.

"Okay, you have to send me that one," Katherine gushes to my mom as they scroll through her phone.

"Mom, really?" Nathan tries to sound annoyed but he's still smiling. We break apart and stand in front of the table.

"I'll frame it for you, sweetie, not a problem," she winks with a teasing grin.

"Chill, Nathaniel, let the mothers have their moment," Olivia teases with a smirk, getting up and moving closer towards us. Her teasing smile disappears as she steps up to him and grabs the collar of his shirt, "If you hurt her again, I know a guy to take you out, don't think I won't call him," she threatens.

"Your guy?" Nathan asks confused and a little terrified as he looks over at me.

"Don't ask," I dismiss with a wave of my hand.

"Okay then... I'll take your word for it," he trails off while Olivia lets go of his collar and pats his shoulder with a smile before turning back to her seat. He looks back at me and offers his hand for me to take, "Wanna go for a walk?" I nod my head, taking his hand.

"Nate, dinner will be served in a few minutes, so not too long," his mother reminds him as we slowly start to move away from the table.

"Safety first!" Olivia shouts out at our backs, making us freeze.

"Olivia!" I hiss at her, my face going red from embarrassment and anger. Nathan looks over at my dad cautiously who just raises an eyebrow in response, tension in his jaw as he scowls and Nathan shakes his head repeatedly, terrified.

"What? It's dark outside, I don't want you to trip and hurt yourself," she shrugs innocently but her eyes are mischievous.

I mouth an 'I hate you' while Nathan just rolls his eyes, dragging me along outside the marquee.

"She's insane," Nathan says looking back at me with a smile.

"Yes, she is," I reply fondly.

When we're standing on the patio leading into his house he pulls me into his chest and kisses me slowly. He wraps his arms around my waist and I hold onto his shoulders, pulling him closer.

"I've missed that," he says softly when we break apart, he moves his hands to either side of my face, tilting my face up to him. I nod my head lightly in agreement biting on my lip, grinning.

"My lips?" I tease giving him an overexaggerated pout.

He laughs loudly and kisses my pout, "No, your dorky smile," his thumb grazes the corner of my mouth as my smile widens.

"Congratulations on getting into Vanderbilt. God, I'm in love with a jock," I whisper teasingly with a proud smile on my face as he grins down at me.

"Congratulations on getting into Columbia, I'm so fucking proud of you, nerd," he puts an arm around my waist and squeezes me closer to him.

I thank him quietly and look down at our feet, deep in thought.

"Hey," he lifts my face back up to look him in the eye, "What's wrong?"

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