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I'm legit about to cry holy shit.

So I guess this is it. This is where it ends. I actually cannot believe that this is the end. Nor that I actually like, managed to write a full length fic and actually finish it. I genuinely don't know what to say, really. I guess the acknowledgements are the time to thank people, so let's do that first, right?

First of all, I want to thank Vaness (okay I still prefer your name without any captial letters nsgfkjbskdb vaness just loOKS BETTER). Because holy fucking shit you helped me so much with this. I actually can't even think of writing without you. Without having someone I can always turn to for advice and that is pretty much always ready to help me. Apart from that, of course, you have become to mean so so so fucking much to me. I hold you so I close and you are the biggest reason why I hate distance and timezones so much. So yeah, thanks. I don't really know what to thank you for apart from thanking you for everything. It wouldn't really be a solid idea to write everything down, would it? Would take me months to do so. In which you would only give me more and more reason so it'll take even longer and it goes on and on and on like that. Know that I fucking love you, okay?

Then, I have more people to thank. Thanks to Joanna, for being the friend I didn't really expect to have- you just suddenly boom bam where there. Thank you for sticking with me and making me laugh and writing obnoxious comments all the time. Thanks to Brooke, for like, being a good friend (despite the fact we don't talk that much anymore), and idk for starting the wcfw chat bc thats where (ey here we go again) I met vaness and god do I have so much to thank due to that kiddo. Thanks to everyone who has ever left a comment, for making my day with that notification popping up. Thank you to everyone who has voted on a chapter, especially to the small portion of you who vote on EVERY chapter I put up- it really means a lot. Thank you to every single person who has added this to a reading list, thus making it more known. Most of all though, thanks to everyone who has even took the time to read this. Even if it's only one chapter. Thank you for taking that small segment of time out of your day to make mine by reading this.

Really, I had never expected that people would actually read this. I started it thinking like "lol, maybe if i do well it'll get 100 reads. Maybe I can even go for 1000." and not really expecting it to become and mean so much to me. I had never really expected for this to last this long, nor for this to actually be a finished story. I'd never finished something before, and now I can proudly say I have. And yes, I'm aware that it's a fanfic blahblahblah, but it's still something I wrote pretty much all on my own. I just borrowed existing people and situations and formed them to my own. I wrote 61 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue, and that's more than I ever anticipated. I used to be like "hm, I'll end it at like 30 chapters, maybe 40 if it goes really well but 30 feels like a stretch already" yet here we are with double that amount of chapters. I never thought I could actually do that. I never thought that I, an ordinary dutch girl, would manage to write a 135015 word long story in english (not counting the acknowledgements). Never.

I never thought it would be well received, that people actually liked it and that I was being told I wrote good. And never, never would I have ever dreamt of getting the amount of reads this has now. As I'm writing this, it's on 19223 reads, and I'm genuinely baffled. These are the numbers I used to see alongside great fics and I always thought were way beyond my reach. Let's go for 20K, right? (;

As for the question if I'm writing a sequel, I won't. This really is it. I hope that doesn't dissapoints you, and if it does, I'm sorry. I feel like writing a sequel would be too much of a stretch, and that it wouldn't be the best writing I could do- plot wise. 

Now, the title also includes "new story", and that's because I am writing something new! You aren't getting rid of me just yet. I mean, unless you don't read the new thing lmao. It's a girlxgirl fic, and it's just gone online. I would love for you to check it out, as I'm really beyond excited to start it. I have so much planned out already, but have kept myself from actually writing any further than the prologue until this was done so now I can rEALLY get started !! I'm not gonna reveal too much, as I don't want basically anyone to know more than someone else reading it. But just... that story's gonna be fun. Really.

I'm also still working on A Series of "I love you"'s, and maybe I'm gonna start a tracob texting fic, but idk bc time management you know? Oh well. Check it our if you want.

As always, I love you all so much, you are beautiful, valid, admired and so much more. I'll still always be there to talk with (you can also find me on twitter leonie_wierenga or insta leoniewierenga if you prefer talking there) and am always up to make new friends. I love you so much, thanks for all.

Shit. I'm so fucking emotional. I can't believe that this is it, that I did this and that it's received well and that I finished something and just- everything. It's so overwhelming.

I cannot seem to say thank you enough. Thank you. So, so, so much. 💗


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