thirty four

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Thursday. I woke up happy immediately, and when I sat down to eat my breakfast, my family gave me some weird looks. I guess I had a quite toothy grin on my face, but I couldn't really help it. I had a small date planned for me and Troye to celebrate, and if I was being honest, I thought it was cute. I just hoped he didn't have something planned as well, though any time spent with him was time spent well.

"Well?" My dad asked after a couple minutes of silence. He sounded a bit annoyed, but also curious. I reckoned he was talking to me.

"Well, what?" I asked him, taking another bite of my food. I didn't think Troye had woken up already, as he hadn't texted me yet, and it seemed to always be one of the first things he did in the morning.

"Well, why are you so happy today?" He motioned to me with his spoon, and even though I knew he didn't mean to be rude- or so I hoped-, I felt something knack inside of me. Why does my happiness have to be something that deserved extra attention? Couldn't they just accept I was happy without always searching a reason behind it?

"Oh, I just have a fun day planned after school. Is it okay if I go out to eat with friends today?" I explicitly didn't tell them that I was only going to hang with Troye today. I had no idea what the plans for dinner would be, but I thought it highly-likely that we'd eat something together.

"Err, you'd have to ask your mom for that." I nodded, and stood up. I had finished my breakfast, and was now getting my schoolbag from my room, as well as a bag in which I had some stuff for Troye. I had bought him a small present, and was planning on buying him some flowers, too. When, I didn't know, as the flower shops weren't open before school and I was going to take him on our small date immediately after. I was grateful for the fact I didn't have to skip practice, as there was none today.


My mom hadn't liked the idea of me eating out on a school night, bus as our spring break began Saturday, she didn't really complain but instead told me to just go have fun.

Which was what I'm doing now. Brandon, who I'd told the situation, would be going to school by bike so I could pick Troye up from his house. When I had told him, he had a huge smirk on his face, and I playfully shoved him, cheeks red. The fact that this took me almost fifteen minutes extra to get to school, wasn't something I cared about. The fact he wasn't expecting it also didn't faze me. I just hoped he hadn't left yet.

It turned out he and his siblings had in fact not yet left for school, as Troye and his sister, Sage, walked outside together. They were talking intensely, the younger girl seemingly not all too excited, maybe even sad or worried, about something. He seemed to be reassuring her, but I wasn't sure. It didn't take long for them to spot me, though, and when Troye turned around to see what his sister had pointed towards, I swear to god he had a smile that could've cured anything. His eyes lit up, and he excitedly waved his sister off- who went to walk alone towards school- before walking up to me. Somewhere I felt sorry for Sage, as she now had to walk alone.

"Connah!" I now stood outside, and wrapped my arms around his small frame. I wasn't much taller than him, even shorter now that he was wearing his platforms once again, but Troye was built much more delicately than me. I could feel him wrapping his arms around me, while I had mine wrapped around his waist, pressing him close against me. His chin was resting on my shoulder, his breathing making my neck heat up.

"Happy one-month anniversary, pretty boy," his voice was still a bit husky, and couldn't help but chuckle. "Happy one-month anniversary, angel."

I turned my face, nudging his a bit. My eyes were closed, and somehow I knew his were too. We found the way to each other's lips effortlessly, and when they touched I felt like melting. This boy was too good for me. His hand had travelled up to my neck, and he was tugging on a longer piece of hair at the back of my neck with one hand.

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