forty nine

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Nothing much had happened in the past few weeks. School had started again two weeks ago, and with Troye's little speech and Dodie being a total bitch, people had actually been really nice to me. Most had, to my surprise, been supportive, although two dudes on my swimming team had been total assholes about it. Oh, how I wished homophobes were actually afraid of gay people. It would be so much nicer to just be able to swim up to them and have them swim away scared instead of starting threatening me before my coach threatened them.

But none of that was on my mind now. On my mind now was not getting distracted by Troye and doing my homework. I didn't know the time, just that it was somewhere past eight in the evening. I was sitting crosslegged on my floor, bended over my maths book. Even though I usually didn't really have a problem with math, I didn't really understand it now. Which may also have to do with my divided attention.

"Conniee," the Australian boy whined. He nudged me with his knee and I cast my eyes up to him once again. One of his hands was trailing down my left arm, the one I wasn't using to write.

He was running his fingers across my veins, circling every small mole and freckle he came across off. To be frank, it gave me goosebumps all over. It distracted me from my work even more. In the back of my mind, I knew I shouldn't be getting distracted, that I shouldn't give in. But oh, I wanted to.

I wanted to just drop my homework when the boy started planting small kisses in my neck, on my shoulder. He was sitting behind me, leaning against the side of my bed with his legs stretched in front of him, just so that I could sit between them with my legs crossed and my math books scattered in front of me. One of his arms was close to mine, his fingers on my skin. The other was wrapped around my stomach.

I relaxed a bit more, leaning against him while be still planted soft kisses in my neck and on my shoulder. I wanted to give in, feel his lips softly on mine, instead of on my skin. I wanted to let my hands roam through his hair, feel his hand tracing my body. But I couldn't and I shouldn't.

So I tried shrugging him off, leaning forward again and pulling my shoulders up to my neck.

"Troye..." I let out, my breath hitching. I didn't know why, but his fingers trailing my arm slowly made me extremely tense, made me want to kiss him. His fingers trailing my freckles, my moles, and my veins distracted me. A lot. "We really shouldn't... now."

"Hmm, just quit the homework already, Connie. Relax a bit," he whispered, his mouth close to my ear. As a follow up, he starting nuzzling his nose in my shoulder, even though I had tried to squirm away. I closed my eyes, trying to block the flustering feeling in my stomach, the warmth of his breath against my skin and fingers trailing my arm still, and just focus on the homework.

But I couldn't. He continued kissing my shoulder, working his way up to my neck and- for as far as he could reach- my jaw.

"Troye! Please just stop distracting me for a few minutes, I really have to focus on this if I want a good grade!" I turned my head around, now almost directly facing him. "I mean- I get that you don't have to get good grades to make it in life, but I do! So please, Troye! For one minute, just let me–"

I was shut up my two lips being pressed against mine. Internally, I rolled my eyes at the move, but in reality I pressed my lips against his too. I wanted to linger there for longer, but it was the more rational choice to pull away and try and focus on my homework. It took a couple small lingering kisses before I completed pulled back, met with a pouty lip and big eyes from Troye.

"Don't pout, you got your kiss," I smirked, nudging his nose with mine but avoiding his lips. I turned around in his arms again, only to not much later feel his arms slipping away. He got up, leaving my back cold from his body warmth. I shivered, and looked up when I heard the springs of my bed creak.

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