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I was astonished to say the least. I truly didn't know what to say. It seemed like the whole class was blown away. Not only was the music amazing, those guys were good, but Troye's voice was seriously soothing. You could almost say it was perfect. He didn't falter, didn't hesitate and hit all notes right. He looked at ease while singing, you could see him becoming more confident when singing. It was a beautiful thing to see, to see him blossom out. His music was touching, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd heard it before. I wondered if it was, as they claimed, an original song. I highly doubted they would lie, but I barely knew Troye and I was sure of recognising the lyrics.

The whole class, including mrs Sangster, erupted into applause. We had applauded the other groups, but these guys definitely got the loudest one. Even Dustin Jackson, who had made nasty comments about Troye during every music class we've had up until now, admitted that the kid must have some talent. They jokingly made a bow after which Troye hurried back to his seat next to me, all red and flushed, but with a big grin on his face.

"Did you film it?" Was the first question he asked, running a hand through his quiff. He seemed really eager to know if I had, and so, because I had, I told him yes. I was pulled into a hug before I even realised it. My face seemed to burn and I was fairly sure it was really red as well. Damnit. It lasted only about two seconds though, before he released me. I had told myself that I couldn't start crushing on a boy I just met. I had told myself I wasn't crushing on Troye Mellet. I had done so approximately fifty times since I was told to show the pale kid around some more.

He laughed.

God, his laugh was cute. No. His laugh couldn't be cute. He couldn't be cute. At least, he could, but I couldn't think that. Because I wasn't crushing on him. Not one bit.

"Can you send me the footage? Please?"

His hand was held out, a phone on it. The contacts page was open and so I assumed he meant for me to put in my number. With one eye eying mrs Sangster, who wasn't paying attention anymore but was just chatting to Tim, I put in my number under the name Connah Frantah, because that was what my name sounded like in his accent. I then handed him my phone because well, if I had to send him the footage, I needed his number as well.

When I got my phone back, still on the contacts page, it read 'Troye boy Sivan 💙' and I had to stifle a laugh.

"Well, you didn't write your name as Connor Franta, so I thought it would only be appropriate for me to not write my name normal either, you see?" Troye told me, eyes sparkling.

This was also the moment mrs Sangster walked over to us. Well, to Troye. Obviously. She was basically beaming, though she looked disapprovingly at our phones. But I mean, she hadn't talked about the performances, didn't gave feedback and neither has she given us another assignment or at least something to do now. Everyone was chatting, and I could see various people glaring at Troye, who was still grinning like a madman.

"Troye! You did really well with the others. Is it possible that I talk to you for a bit?" She looked at me while saying this, which I think was a hint for me to leave and sit somewhere else. I did. Of course I did. I went to sit close to Layla and Sylvie, two best friends who both played the piano and both had fairly good voices. Although they were conversing together, eyeing Troye ever so often and chatting on, they didn't hesitate to include me into their conversation.

"Connor! Oh my god, Troye was so good! I want to be able to sing like that. Like, really, how does he do that? He sounds like an angel and looks pretty darn good while doing so." Sylvie, the black haired girl, immediately started towards me.

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